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October 21, 2013

Surface Fans Speak: Early Impressions of Surface Pro 2

In the last few weeks, we shared how artists like Mike Krahulik (Gabe from Penny Arcade) and filmmakers like Amanda Lippert are doing incredible work using a Surface. This week, we are sharing why lawyers, CTOs and other professionals are excited about Surface as the first device that can truly replace their laptop, iPad and even their desktop. Whether that means a lighter load on their back on long flights or just the ability to carry their office on the go, it’s exciting to hear how Surface is changing the way they get things done.

We’ll start with Marcus Bluestein, the CTO of Kraft Kennedy who originally posted this review of Surface Pro when it launched last February.

The Surface Pro brings Windows compatibility to a sleek, modern tablet. Debuted in February, it runs the full spectrum of Windows software, giving it a range of abilities unavailable on the iPad. This benefits both the lawyers who use tablets and the IT staff who manage and support the devices.â€

Marcus joined us in NYC a few weeks back and posted two follow up posts sharing his thoughts about Surface Pro 2. In this post Marcus takes you on a journey through what a typical work day could look like with a Surface and has previously written in detail about why Security Tools give Surface Pro an advantage over iPads.

Watch our video of Marcus to see how Surface has become his one device.

Jeff Magill, a Senior Finance Manager at a bank in LA is also excited about the Surface’s potential to be a true convergence device.

The beauty of the Surface Pro was that it was the first computing device to offer true 3-in-1 capabilities. It could be a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet. It could be a simple content consumption device in tablet form, say to watch Netflix or listen to music, but it could also be a powerful laptop and desktop replacement. Surface Pro 2, with all its upgrades, makes the device that much more versatile and powerful. If you’ve never used a Surface Pro, stop by your local Microsoft Store to get some hands-on. Or honestly, go ahead and pre-order the Surface Pro 2 because odds are pretty solid that you’ll love it.

Read Jeff’s complete reviews Surface 2 and Pro: The People and Surface 2 and Pro: The Devices to learn more about why Jeff is excited about Surface.

We love hearing how our customers use Surface day to day – we built it to do serious work as well as play. You’ve likely heard there is a lot going on with Surface, and great new products. We’d love to hear from you as well.

Bryson Gordon
Director- Microsoft Surface