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October 25, 2013

Nokia Camera: combining the best of Nokia camera apps

Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera are incredible photography apps in their own right, but how could Nokia possibly make them any better? That’s right, by packing all the features of both apps into one app, simply called Nokia Camera.

Based on the feedback from Nokia Lumia users Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera are combined into one complete photography app to ensure you never miss the moment. With Smart, Pro, and Video mode available from within just one app – you can simply point and shoot, adjust your photos, or create amazing motion shots and videos.

“Our aim is to give you the perfect photo experience, with as little fuss as possible,” says David Fredh, Lead Program Manager for Nokia Camera.

“You should just load up one app, rather than decide which is best to use before the shot. Nokia Camera is the one-stop app for taking great photos with your Lumia.”

This means that when you load up Nokia Camera you’ll have control over the same camera settings that you do with Nokia Pro Camera, such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus. Albeit, via a newly designed control panel.

New Nokia Camera control panel


The new control panel sits along the top of the screen, with a small number of options available for fast point-and-shoot action, which include Auto, Sports, and Night presets. With a quick swipe, you’re into the advanced settings.

With a new and optimised user interface (UI), the viewfinder of Nokia Camera is designed to show you more of what’s on-screen before you go ahead and take the shot.

Half pressing the camera shutter key will remove the on-screen controls and buttons showing only what will be visible in the final shot. A full press then takes the photo.

“Once you’ve decided to take the shot, there’s really no reason for the icons to stay on the screen. The new UI in Nokia Camera really focuses on what’s important,” explains David.

Rather than taking a single photo, you could also use the Smart Burst Capture function. This takes a series of 10 photos in quick succession.


After you’ve taken that perfect shot, that’s where the same great features we know from Nokia Smart Camera come into play.

Out of the 10 quick-fire photos taken, Nokia Camera can help you select the Best Shot. Alternatively, if you’ve taken a photo of a group of your friends and one has his or her eyes closed, you can Change Faces by swapping it out for one of the other 10 photos.

Additionally, you can create Action Shots to overlay a number of frames onto one single picture, or add Motion Focus to give more emphasis to a moving subject.

And what about those dreaded photobombers? You can remove them too, by using Removing Moving Objects. Just tap on them, and they’re gone.

If you already have Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera installed, Nokia Camera will replace the latter.

Nokia Camera can also be assigned as your main default camera within the phone’s settings, something we recommend highly.

Nokia Camera is available now for PureView Lumia devices, including the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925, and it will be available out of the box on the Nokia Lumia 1520.


And great news for all other Lumia users too, as it will also be available for the rest of the Windows Phone 8 Lumia range via the Nokia Lumia Black update.