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October 28, 2013

Quick look – What’s new in Touch Cover 2

This has been a big month. A lot has happened as Surface 2 and Surfaced Pro 2 have come to stores in 22 markets. Looking over all the great stories from launch and retail events around the world, we wanted to share some of the rough gems we captured along the way, specifically a series of short interview videos from the Surface 2 announce event in New York back on September 23rd.  Tech news moves very fast, and it;s tempting to catch the highlights and move on to the next thing. These (semi-brief) videos each give a deeper look at some facet of what we’ve launched, including insights from the designers and engineers that built the products and examples from customers that use them in ways that inspire others.  We’ll post one each day this week.

The first in the series features Stevie Bathiche, Distinguished Scientist and head of the Applied Sciences team at Microsoft, talking about the refinements to Touch Cover 2. This is a brilliant accessory for any Surface , a protective cover that easily clicks on to your device, is more rigid, features a full QWERTY keyboard that is now easier to type on, backlighting, and gestures that make you more productive.


Try one for yourself at a Microsoft retail store or other select retailer in your area. Click here to learn where to buy, and stay tuned for more through the week.

Dan Laycock
Senior Manager- Microsoft Surface