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October 29, 2013

Nokia Storyteller: Bring memories alive

Nokia phones are renowned for their photographic capabilities, and viewing or showing off your snaps with family and friends is about to get a lot more fun thanks to Nokia Storyteller app.

Nokia Storyteller is designed to quickly take you back to your captured moments, bringing your memories alive. Your images are clustered into stories so they can be quickly found. You can dive into those stories and experience those special moments in your life in a richer way than with any other photo album available.


The app automatically sorts photographs, videos, cinemagraphs and other media files into an attractive timeline, with collections of photographs organised into ‘stories’.

The stories are arranged by time and location, and by pinching out, its possible to see exactly where you’ve been and where you took the photo – on an interactive map!

The rich image formats captured by Nokia Camera and lenses are played back in the most immersive way – bringing your photo album alive!

Proud of image and location integration


Nokia’s Otto Pulkkinen explains that the development team behind Nokia Storyteller is particularly proud of the integration of the images with the location.

“When you view your images in Storytellerand then zoom out of the image you will see the location of the images on the map. It’s proved to be a compelling storytelling feature. You have the timeline of your story, and then the location where this happened.”

Otto explains: “With increasingly powerful cameras and camera applications, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to organise their images and to share their experiences in detail. There are various tools to organise images, but most involve lots of manual sorting, which restricts their use… With Nokia Storyteller, we wanted to create a more integrated experience.”

“If you take a lot of images together over a day, the photographs will be collected together as part of a single story. You can also edit what’s included in the story. The location also affects the algorithm, so photographs taken in different places will be shown as part of different stories.”

Changing the way we photograph

Nokia Storyteller can actually change the way people take photographs. Otto tells us: “When I go travelling, I now tend to really think about the story, and think about snapping an interesting detail here or there. When combined with the timeline and maps, it makes a nice collection and has a nice story to tell with family and friends.

Nokia Storyteller comes as standard on the Nokia Lumia 2520, and will be compatible with all Lumia smartphone images and videos.