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October 29, 2013

Quick Look – Dr. Nick Patel on using Surface Pro in the Hospital

Following on the heels of the interview we shared yesterday on the new Touch Cover 2, today’s quick look features a chat we had with Dr. Nick Patel from Columbia, South Carolina on how the Surface Pro has helped him to increase his efficiency while also improving the interactions he has with his patients.

It gets rid of what I call device fatigue, instead of one device for this and another device for that, it’s all in one place.  -Dr. Nick Patel

We were thrilled to have Dr. Patel and others join us at the Surface 2 event in September, and their insights into how Surface Pro meets their particular needs have been extremely valuable. For those interested in more detail, check out this video from earlier this summer in which we took a closer look at how Dr. Patel and colleagues were using Surface Pro. Also, the Microsoft in Health blog published an in-depth three part series (1, 2, 3) on how Surface Pro helped to address the Health Information Technology Productivity Paradox a phenomenon created as the need to document information in electronic health records has negatively impacted the quality of the interaction with patients and efficiency. The Surface Pro however, allowed Dr. Patel and other physicians at Palmetto Health to reclaim lost productivity and increase quality of care as they no longer needed to log in and out of the workstations and were able to regain eye contact with patients.

Medicine is just one of many areas where the ability to have the power of a full PC and the portability of a tablet is a tremendous benefit. Stay tuned for more.

Dan Laycock
Senior Manager- Microsoft Surface