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November 1, 2013

Business apps to get you through the day

Each and every day, we use our phones for more than simply making phone calls as apps have become almost vital on a day-to-day basis – as we discovered in a previous post. But how popular, or necessary, are they for work? Let’s take a look.


At least five days out of seven, you’ll be woken by your phone’s alarm. A quick, bleary-eyed glance at your phone’s screen tells you you’ve immediately got work to do when you get into the office, thanks to your always-on email.

But before that, it’s time for your normal morning routine of showering, getting dressed and dashing out the door in order make the train, or to beat the traffic.

HERE Transit can help you with the public transport departure times, while HERE Drive helps you navigate the congested roads.


Arriving at your desk a little early has its perks. Time to catch your breath and catch up on a little reading of the news using Bing News, Sky News, WSJ Live, or alternatively you can check out what’s happening with your stocks and shares using Bing Finance.


Some days are full of phone calls and appointments, and it get’s confusing remembering where and when they are. Fortunately, some of them may have been added automatically to your calendar through email invites, and others you may have inputted yourself. Checking what’s coming up using your calendar is always a good way to start your day.

The default Windows Phone calendar does a great job all by itself, but there are also alternatives, such as, Chronos Calendar or Iconical Plus.

10:45 Your phone reminds you that you’ve got a call to make. You could simply dial the number, or you could also use Skype, Yammer or Lync 2010/2013. Each has a benefit over using traditional phone calls, such as being able to view meeting content right on your phone, or free video calls.


It’s lunchtime. Phew, busy morning. Take some time out and order a sandwich from Subway® (if you’re in Greater London) from your phone, or use The Coffee Bean® app to locate your nearest The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store. While you’re eating a colleague sends you an email with a spreadsheet attached, asking you to check the figures, so you do using Microsoft Excel Mobile. Now is also a good time to go over this afternoon’s PowerPoint presentation.


Finally, the day is over and it’s time to go home. Forget about the day’s figures and the meetings and escape to a world of music. Plug in your headphones and load up Mix Radio from Nokia Music.

Just as you’re beginning to zone out, a work email rolls in. It’s that guy, from accounts, and he wants to connect with you on LinkedIn. You go ahead an accept using the LinkedIn app and notice he’s also connected with someone you used to work with at your last job. You send them an invite to connect, too.

Now, back to the daily mix provided by Nokia Music.