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November 1, 2013

Nokia World behind the scenes

As Nokia World whisked Abu Dhabi off its feet and we introduced you to the latest members of the Nokia Lumia family, we are now left with only memories of the fantastic event that took place and the amazing bloggers who joined us from around the world.

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It started on Monday when 45 people from 10 different nations began arriving at the Dusit Thani hotel. Hands were shaken and hugs were shared, it’s a really great feeling when you finally meet somebody in person that you have been talking to for years online, and for all of those lovely people we had a special gift to share.

We gave everybody a special Nokia Connects T-Shirt, which celebrates some of the most iconic Nokia phones throughout the years. Can you name some of them?

Nokia Connects

These T-shirts are still available (limited edition) so if you really, really want one please let us know in the comments section. We can’t guarantee we’ll have one for everyone, that’s what limited edition means don’t you know, so please convince us why you need one!

Nokia Connects

With our group along with some familiar names and faces we had some new ones too. Like Scrapbooker Celine, who has been an iPhone user for years. How would Celine end up being invited to Nokia World then you ask? Well, a few months ago through our Trial a Nokia programme, Celine got to try the Lumia 920, which she really liked. Celine had a few things stopping her from switching though, like the lack of Instagram for example.


As we all must know by now though, the official Instagram app will soon be available for Windows Phone as announced at Nokia World, meaning Celine is pretty much convinced to switch to Lumia! You can read her full account of Celine’s Abu Dhabi experience on her blog, and learn a lot about crafts and scrapbooking too!

Italian social butterfly Emanuela was also in top form as she told me that her favourite part of the whole event was that Nokia were launching both Instagram and Vine. Being a social girl, applications like Vine are a massive boost to how Emanuela can stay connected in interesting ways. More strings to your bow is never a bad thing! Emanuela’s full account of Abu Dhabi and Nokia World can be found in this superb Storify.

Nokia World 2013 - Abu Dhabi

Another new face was Geordie photographer Idene from, well, Newcastle, UK of course. Idene arrived pretty late to the hotel on Monday but quickly joined us for dinner and met everybody. Then within a couple of hours he had rounded-up a group of Lumia users and owners to go on a night time Abu Dhabi photo walk. This kind of connection is amazing to witness and be a part of. Go Nokia Connects!


Idene was trialling the Lumia 1020 during his trip to Abu Dhabi and has subsequently decided that when his contract is finished to switch to Lumia. Idene’s wrap-up of the trip can be found on his blog.

For more Nokia World wrap-ups check Steve’s, Jim’s, Jades Ali’s. Anybody who I’ve missed please drop me a note and I’ll add you in!