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November 4, 2013

InNote for Nokia Lumia

InNote is one of the latest apps to make an appearance on the Windows Phone Store, and it’s ideally timed to take advantage of the latest big-screen Nokias like the Lumia 1520.

Along with the ability to add text, you can also doodle onscreen, create hand-written notes and add images, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Perfect for bigger screens

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the perfect smartphone to show off InNote, the latest note taking application for Windows Phone.  With a huge screen, your notes can be more detailed, doodles more elaborate, and the additional space makes it easier to write freehand.


You can add notes in two different ways using InNote, either with the regular onscreen keyboard, or by scribbling on the display itself. Take the latter option and you’ll be able to choose from loads of different pens, including different tips – from a marker, to felt-tip, to quill and paintbrush – to a sliding bar for different size options.

You can also go through a vast colour palette, sliding your finger around to pick from different hues. Once you’ve selected your pen type and colour, you can get started, with a big ‘back’ button at the bottom of the display (along with a ‘forward’ button in case you change your mind) and the option to save your note at any point.

For more serious InNote users with the need to take down longer notes, clicking the text option bring up a text box to type in. You can change the size of the font, so you can give priority to specific text and make it more obvious on the screen. It’s even possible to add audio recordings to your note, with a small tool bar added to the top to let you record, stop and play new or older recordings.


innote-side-2Including your photographs

There’s a lot of scope to get creative with InNote, and we love the fact you can simply pick photographs from your Nokia’s gallery and add them to your note. You can resize and rotate images, so they’ll fit perfectly into your latest creation. Want to remember who you were with? Why you were there? What you were doing? Simply add the information to your note.


Setting up notebooks

The ability to add notes is nothing without being able to actually use or share them, however, which is where InNote’s Notebook feature comes in. Saving a note lets you create or choose a particular notebook to place your note in, and once saved you’ll be able to flick through all the items you’ve added.

Your notes don’t have to stay within InNote – you can pin important notes to your Start Screen, or share by every means from Bluetooth, to messaging, to email and social networks.

All-in-all, InNote is a truly useful app, and the versatility on offer when it comes to adding different types of content also makes it an entertaining app. If you’re in the market for a big-screen Lumia like the Nokia Lumia 1520, or you simply want a note taking app for your existing Nokia, it’s a great choice.