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November 6, 2013

Nokia Video Director will make you a movie maestro

Nokia Video Director makes video editing easy. The app gives you a stylish video in minutes without the complexity of other alternatives out there.

With the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 2520 came several new apps that are exclusive to Nokia, including the free Nokia Video Director. This app addresses a critical need many tablet users have: a tool they can use to craft cool, stylized videos in a matter of minutes, preferably one that requires no prior video-editing experience.


“We wanted to make Nokia Video Director simple for everyone to use, but powerful enough that people can really personalize and customize their videos,” said Jason Davis, producer for the app from Nokia.

And while that may sound easy, a tremendous amount of work went into delivering this experience.

“Windows 8 has the ability to encode video, which is great. You can take user videos, open them up, apply filters and change them, and then re-encode the whole thing into a new video,” Jason said. The platform has all of the ingredients needed to make a really solid video editing app.

Simplicity is key

Nokia Video Director uses what Jason describes as a three-step process. First, you pick the video clips and photos that you want to include. Next, you pick a Nokia “style” – these have the filter effects, transitions, and color schemes (there is even licensed music and fonts) that help set the mood of the final video. Finally, you add the intro/outro titles for your video, and hit the “Preview” button.

The app then takes your clips and merges them with the style you select to create your final video. If you don’t like the way the preview looks, you simply pick a different style. The story stays the same, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

“It’s all about ensuring a fast user experience,” Jason says. “The styles built into the app do the heavy lifting. There is no need for you to painstakingly program everything. What takes minutes to create with Nokia Video Director could take hours with other video editing apps.”


The app includes six different styles to start you off, including three that were created in conjunction with Hollywood-based Scatterlight Studios (Collage, Avant-garde and Vintage). Additional styles will be available for download soon.

Options for saving and exporting your video range from low resolution (suitable to email) to full 1080p HD video that can be shown on an HDTV.

The app includes support for ten different languages, and options to share your creations using the Windows Share Charm on your tablet so you can upload your video to your choice of social networks.

Jason and the team that created Nokia Video Director built a style maker tool, too. The goal is to put the tool in the hands of professional video producers to help with the creation of new styles for the app.


Get the companion app on your Lumia

Nokia Video Director includes a Windows Phone 8 companion app, so you can quickly transfer photos and videos you capture on your Lumia smartphone to the Nokia Lumia 2520. (While there is no app for competing platforms, if you take photos or videos using another device – even your DSLR camera – you could sync them to a SkyDrive account, and then download that content to your tablet for use with Nokia Video Director.)

Or, you might just decide you want to shoot the videos directly with your Lumia 2520. After all, you can shoot in full HD video if you want. All of the content is saved to the camera roll and ready for immediate use.

Look for both apps to be available when the Lumia 2520 goes on sale.