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November 7, 2013

Lumia 1520: What’s your story?

The Nokia Lumia 1520 lands this December and we’re offering an incredible opportunity to 100 of you very special people.

We want you to be a part of a world-first experiment: equipped with a brand-new Lumia 1520. 100 people aging from 1-100 will share their story with the world. You read right, 1–100, now here’s the brief:

We’re coming to you, the best community in the world, because we need your help to achieve our dream. We want you to be the stars of the show.


In a nutshell this is all about telling stories; your stories. If you look at how mobile communication has changed our lives over the past decade – and especially since the rise of mobile photography and video – then you’ll see that every day millions of stories are being told.

How will you tell your story?

It could be through a series of cool 6 second Vines, stunning images on Instagram, or even inspiring videos on YouTube. Whatever way you go about it, these are recordings of your amazing lives and adventures, memories, history … and that’s what this is all about.

So, what’s your story?

A family going on holiday, a teenager taking a gap year to travel the world, a graduate beginning her new job: we want to hear about it. A newborn, a baby’s first footsteps, your toddler’s first day at playschool and ride on a carousel: we’re all ears.

Whether you’re newlyweds leaving for your honeymoon or two pensioners who still travel to the seaside every year where you had your first date, your story is important. Tell us all about it with the Nokia Lumia 1520.


1520Update: we are still looking for people who were born in the following age groups, so if you have a friend, neighbour or relative who’s story you can capture, let us know and sign-up!

1913, 1915, 1916, 1925 and 1937

How it works.

We’re going to send 100 Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones to people who age from one to one hundred. Or to people who know people older or younger who’s stories they can capture.

If you would like to get involved, please email [email protected].

Let us know;

Your name:
Year of birth or nominated person’s year of birth:
Your story:
Twitter/website/online presence:
Let us know if you have any friends or family who you would like to involve in this project, old or young:

If you are under 16 years old you can still be involved in the activity but an adult must sign-up for you.