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November 8, 2013

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Another week and another bundle of cracking new and updated Windows Phone apps have hit the store. But how do you know which are worth a look?

By reading this round up, that’s how. One, two, three, four, five – that’s right, Windows Phone lovers, FIVE new apps reviewed here, just for you; one for each day of the working week so you’ll never be bored on your commute again! We’re all about the entertainment here…


What is it? A fun photo app to promote Movember

Why we love it? Movember is a moustache-related phenomenon that runs in Novmber and is getting more popular every year, thanks in the main to twitter and hastagging. Started by the Movember Foundation, the campaign about raising awareness of prostate cancer and men’s health in general: men grow their facial hair for a month in return for sponsorship and the cash goes to the folk at Movember who in turn give it to various charities. The new Nokia app isn’t affiliated officially with the Foundation, but it’s still a funky side-act to the main event: take a pic of yourself, add a cartoon moustache (many classy styles available) and upload it to social media.

Who it’s perfect for: Movember supporters and people who just want to see what they’d look like with a moustache…



What is it? A platform game for your smartphone

Why we love it? It’s not that hard and it’s not that complex, but it is funny: you’re the King, somebody’s stolen your trousers, and you have to go on a sword-fighting quest to retrieve them! Explore villages and dungeons and fight your enemies dressed only in your boxers (okay, and a top): it’s worth a try just for laughs. The controls are a little clunky, and it’s far from challenging, but we guarantee the kids will love it.

Who it’s perfect for: children



What is it? A Reddit client for Windows Phones

Why we love it? Brand new to the market, this is probably the best Reddit app we’ve seen for WP. It’s easy to use, but the introductory tutorial’s really helpful, too; the app looks lovely, it’s got Live Tile, Lockscreen and notification support, and the upvoting and downvoting functions are very neatly integrated. Plus, if you’ve only got one Reddit account, then the trial version should do you just fine.

Who it’s perfect for: Redditors



What is it? A new photo/sound sharing social app

Why we love it? It’s a new spin on the whole image-sharing phenomenon. This app lets you take a picture and record ambient sound; the two get posted as one file that you can then share with certain social media (more sharing options are on the way, we believe). You can browed Foundbites in your area, too, and don’t be disheartened if there aren’t many there yet; the app’s just been released and the files are sure to accumulate. The image/sound combo is a nice twist to the usual video or image-based apps – we think it’ll take off.

Who it’s perfect for:  social media users and sharers


Avengers Initiative

What is it? A tie-in game for the new THOR movie

Why we love it? Hey, we love the Avengers! You can play either as Hulk or Captain America in this combat game; learn your character’s moves and start kicking some serious ass. The graphics are fantastic and gameplay is smooth and engrossing. The only catch is it’s quite memory-heavy, so it’ll take up a fair amount of room on your memory card and some of the lower spec models of phones aren’t compatible with it. If yours is, though, check it out – and then check out the movie for the whole experience!

Who it’s perfect for: comics fans and gamers


These are our fab five, but what about yours? If there’s any brilliant new apps that have slipped under our radar, let us know about them down below.

Image credit: Mat MacGillivray