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November 14, 2013

Asha 501 app spotlight: Package Tracker

Every now and again we spot an app that’s particularly clever or useful, and Package Tracker for the Nokia Asha 501 is one such app.

The app works in conjunction with a number of big courier services, letting you keep track of your parcels anytime, anyplace.

Using Package Tracker by Israeli-based Future Soft couldn’t be easier – and the design of the app is kept as simple as possible. Open it, and the main page displays information for packages that you’re already tracking, along with a button to add new parcels.


Pick a courier

Click “Add Tracking” to get started, and then choose the courier service you’re using. There are a host of international services – including DHL, FedEx, TNT and USPS, along with regional providers such as Canada and Australia Post.

Once you’ve picked your courier, simply add the tracking ID that the courier company gave you and click Submit. We tested the app with a pre-delivered FedEx parcel, and after connecting to the network, Package Tracker quickly pointed out: “Delivered”.

It’s possible to refresh the page if your parcel is still pending and in transit, so you’ll always have an idea what’s going on. Package Tracker has another killer feature too, with the ability to actually see where your parcel has been, and check out the details on Nokia Maps.


Follow your parcel’s journey

Once the package has been delivered, there’s a summary of every location it’s visited during the journey – including different depots that have been used for temporary storage, and even the times that the parcel arrived and left each location.

Package Tracker may be a simple and single-minded application, but it does its job brilliantly well. There are no unnecessary graphics or complicated menus – just enter the details you have and find out what’s going on with your parcel. What’s not to like?

Package Tracker is free to download in Nokia Store.