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November 15, 2013

MVC Award October!

I’m happy to announce our fourth winner of the Nokia Connects MVC Award. Ladies and gentlemen please congratulate Tommi Vainionpaa! Nominated by several people, the judges agreed Tommi was the man to win this award, for taking so many great photographs with Nokia phones over recent years. A glance at Tommi’s flickr will show you that when it comes to mobile photography, he means serious business.

His latest photos taken with a Lumia 1020 bring you the beauty of what is in my opinion the prettiest of all four seasons, autumn. Here with the use of some post production effects the scene takes on a lovely warm, dreamy feel, which is just what the doctor ordered as we prepare for colder months ahead.

Tommi Vainionpaa Nokia Lumia 1020

Here’s another great autumn shot focusing on leaves just starting to brown. We can only wait in anticipation for Tommi to start experimenting with Nokia Refocus so we can get even more out of this kind of image.

Tommi Vainionpaa Nokia Lumia 1020

One thing that has been said about Tommi is that his portfolio is a real source of inspiration to other photographers. I think this picture really demonstrates that, because although nothing is really in focus or determinable in the melee of colour, it has completely captured that autumn feeling, and just goes to show that with the right eye and a bit of ingenuity, great things can happen.

Tommi Vainionpaa Nokia Lumia 1020

These are just a few examples of Tommi’s great work with the Lumia 1020, however Tommi has been been shooting and sharing images with Nokia phones since the Nokia N8 and Lumia 800, including many amazing shots with the 808 PureView, the first 41 megapixel PureView camera to come into play. The incredible image below was shot with the 808 Pureview.

Tommi Vainionpaa Nokia Lumia 1020

I’ll leave you to explore the rest of Tommi’s extraordinary visual delights for yourselves, don’t miss the videos either, and please do join me in congratulating Tommi for his hard work and dedication to photography with Nokia, and of course for being nominated and selected to win the MVC award in the comments section!

We will be planning a special experience for Tommi in the coming weeks, so if you have any thoughts or ideas about what it should be please let us know in the comments section or on Twitter, we’re keen to get as many of you involved as we can!

Nominations for MVC in November will end when the month closes so be sure to nominate people who you find inspiring in the Nokia community or who are creating amazing things with Nokia. To nominate:

  • Send a tweet to @Nokia_Connects with the url to the piece you are nominating + the #NokiaConnectsMVC hashtag (for images, videos or tweets)
  • Send an email to Paul with the title “#NokiaConnectsMVC nomination” (for anything that requires more explanation or back story)