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November 18, 2013

Announcing The Winner of The Ultimate Surface Fan Contest

Many of you know we celebrated the arrival of Surface 2 with a contest (or two!). With all of the unwavering support we see every day from our fans, we were curious what the Ultimate Surface Fan looks like. We called for your creativity and you delivered! After receiving tens of thousands of amazing entries, it was tough to narrow down to just one.

So who is the Ultimate Surface Fan? Josephine Mehaffie is not only a fan but entered the contest with her husband in mind. Josephine will be receiving an Ultimate Surface Prize Package including a Surface Pro 2, Docking Station, Arc Touch Mouse | Surface Edition, and a Type Cover 2. Whether she actually gives it to her husband or keeps it for herself is up to her. We’re just thrilled with her clever Ode to Surface.

For My Husband: Ode To Surface II

Your Haswell Chip Is Like A Work Horse, Giving Me Power To Work ALL Day.

Your Screen Is As Clear As Diamonds, Making It Easy on My Eyes.

Your Backlit Keys Are Like Stars On A Dark Night Guiding My Way.

Your Power Keyboard Is Like A Five Hour Energy Drink, Giving Me The Extra Energy To Get Through A Long Day.

Your Stylus Is Like An Electric Pen, Allowing Me To Write And Draw As I Would On Paper.

Your Docking Stations Is Like A Cornerstone, Giving Me A Base When I Need It But Still Allowing Me To Be Mobile.

Your ARC Moose Is Like A Custom Made Tool, It Just Fits Naturally In My Hand.

You Are Like A Role Model, Setting The Bar For What All Win8 Hybrid Devices Should Be.

You Are The Ultimate Win8 Tablet.

Thank you to each and every fan that entered, your support is what makes Surface a success. Keep following us on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog for future contests and giveaways!

Emilie Bridon
Senior Manager – Microsoft Surface