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November 18, 2013

How to prepare for Nokia Lumia photography in bad weather

As winter raises its ugly head the desire to get out and photograph can easily begin to wane. But think again.

Although sunny blue skies are fine for certain subjects, there’s plenty to be had in getting wrapped out and getting out in the damp and the cold. Last week, we talked about why bad winter weather can be good for Nokia Lumia photography and showcased we the types of shot you can get. Now, we’ll help out with keeping you warm and dry whilst getting them.

The types of kit we’ll show fall into two main categories: those small things you always have in any day pack and those specific things you take out for a day shooting.

Stay hands on

I know I say it time and time again here on Nokia Conversations, but being prepared really is half the battle with photography. And when it comes to winter that means making sure you’re warm and comfortable and your camera is kept dry.


A great tip for keeping yourself cosy and operational is to look at other outside activities and borrow all their best ideas. For years, I thought I’d invented the perfect photography gloves – and then I went into a fishing shop and discovered anglers had had the same idea many, many moons before me!


Happily, the Nokia Lumia 1020 works brilliantly with gloves, but if you want even more control anglers gloves have fold back forefinger and thumb tips, (which can be Velcro-ed out of the way). This gives you even more accurately control whilst keeping 99% of your hand toasty and warm.

Shoot in the buff

One of my favourite additions to the camera bag: the tube scarf. It packs down to nothing and just has so many uses. Ideal for everything from keeping your ears warm to stopping rain drops getting down your neck to preventing your camera filling with dust or helping to provide a protective wrap for your beloved Nokia Lumia in your bag.




Camp it up

Unsurprisingly, the people who have been sat around outside for decades have come up with a few useful things to combat damp ground and inclement weather.

There’s no point missing out on the best angle or shying away from a better viewpoint simply because the ground is a bit damp or the mud is a bit deep. A good pair of rubber boots, (or Wellies as we Brits think of them), a waterproof blanket, a wind break or a fold away stool will all help you get in position and get comfortable for a shot, meaning you’re not rushing it and therefore more likely to get it correctly exposed and accurately focused. And a waterproof jacket should go without saying!

nokia photography

Be plastic fantastic

OK, laugh away… but it’ll save your skin one day! (This is a trick my ex-pro photographing father convinced me of). Whatever else you have in your camera bag, include at least one large bin liner bag (which works in lieu of a waterproof blanket and means you can lay on the ground and keep dry), and a few smaller plastic bags. These may enable you to keep shooting in a sudden downpour or keep essential equipment dry in the event of a long storm. (My kit was once saved by a few dog waste bags!)

Remember the camera strap


I’m a big fan of wrist straps for cameras and phones alike. They just give you that extra confidence as you dangle over the edge of a boat or bridge to get the shot you want. Likewise, in bad weather, the last thing you want is to drop you Lumia 1020 in a puddle or into some deep snow drift. So if you’ve not got it fixed to a tripod, strap it to your wrist and keep it safe!

So, you’re warm and happy and you’re Nokia Lumia 1020 is dry! There’s no excuse not to get out there! Do you have any other top tips for keeping us shooters comfortable in the coming winter months? If so we’ve love to hear about them in the comments below.