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November 19, 2013

Richard Dorman: My 5 favourite Nokias of all time

Most people have a favourite Nokia, but can you name your top five?

If you think that’s a challenge, imagine what it’s like for one of the world’s biggest collectors of Nokia devices. Richard Dorman is a smartphone photographer extraordinaire, blogger and owner of nearly 200 Nokia devices. In the last couple of months we’ve asked his fellow Nokia aficionados Patrick Walsh and Jim O’Brien to share their top five Nokias of all time. Now it’s Richard’s turn. So, what will the 200 hundred Nokia man go for? Read his words below to find out.


This was a very difficult thing to do for me, I tried to write this on numerous occasions but each time I changed my mind. I am sure I would change it again tomorrow. I wanted to include the Nokia 7110 because of the cool way you answer the phone. The Nokia 8210, it was just so small. The Nokia 9110, my first communicator. I could go on and on.

Nokia 3210 – Launched 1999

Why did you get it?

It looked cool!

What did you love about it?

My first phone without an antenna, great to hold, looks great, it had games and you could send pre-installed picture messages.


Nokia N-Gage (both iterations) – Launched 2003

Why did you get it?

The games.

What did you love about it?

I loved both iterations and what is not to love about them? From the awkward way you had to hold the Taco to make calls to the awesome games like Pathway to Glory and Space Impact.


Nokia N95 8Gb – Launched 2007

Why did you get it?

It had everything, great camera, great internet speeds, apps, you name it and it could do it.

What did you love about it?

Because it was just so good!! But also it was my N-gage 2 device. The device with which I managed to gain N-gage Elite status and for a short time I was ranked 3rd in All time Global N-gage points ranking.


Nokia N8 – Launched 2010

Why did you get it?

The camera

What did you love about it?


What a camera! It was the device that changed me from just a happy snapper to someone with a passion for photography.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Launched 2013

Why did you get it?

The camera plus the great accessories.

What do you love about it?

It does it all, I never leave home without it. Oh and did I mention the camera. I love this phone!


Five cracking choices spanning fourteen years of amazing Nokia tech development. We can certainly see why these made Richard’s greatest ever list, but what about you? Do you agree or does your list include other Nokia mobile masterpieces? Let us know down below.