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November 20, 2013

Instagram – transform and share your photos

Instagram beta is now available for Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8, free from the Windows Phone Store.

One of the world’s favourite apps – with over 150 million users – Instagram lets you quickly transform your pictures into works of art and share them with your friends and family.


Simply select a picture from your Photos hub, choose a filter to change its look and feel, and then you can post it instantly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Instagram itself.

The app comes with a variety of free, custom filters designed to make it easy to put the ‘art’ into ‘smartphone’. Enjoy experimenting with XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, and others. There are other treatments and effects you can apply, too, such as Linear and Radial Tilt-shift blur, allowing you to add extra depth of field to your pictures.


You can also use Instagram to see, like and comment on your friends’ images right inside the app. Every time you open Instagram, it’s refreshed with their latest shared pictures.

The Windows Phone Instagram app supports both the rear and front-facing cameras, so you can make yourself look beautiful, as well as the world around you.

Grab it from the Store – it’s free and works on all Windows Phone 8 smartphones.