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November 20, 2013

Lisa Rajna travels with the Lumia 925

“The powerful camera was far superior to what we were using and the Internet access and applications that were available opened up a new world with this innovative device”

Seeing the world is many people’s dream, and with inventions like the commercial airliner, taking time out to explore cultures and climates around our planet is very possible in this day and age. Having a powerful and reliable device to record our adventures is also within our grasp, and that’s why we have traveller and writer, Lisa Rajna, to tell her story of when she took the Lumia 925 with her to South-East Asia…

Lisa Nirva Nokia Lumia 925

My husband, George, and I took a sabbatical year in 2008-9 and travelled for eleven months in twelve countries mainly in South-East Asia. During our meanderings, we explored incredible UNESCO sites like Borobudur in Indonesia and Ayutthaya in Thailand, snorkelled and scuba-dove in Sipadan, Borneo and came face to face with a variety of cultures from Indonesia to Mongolia. With all the walking and smaller food portions, I lost nearly sixty pounds and was thrilled with the new me. On the second anniversary of our first date, George asked me to marry him underwater in Koh Lipe, Thailand. I never imagined that technology would be an important part of our life and our adventures but after meeting online I should have guessed that it would be.

Lisa Nirva Nokia Lumia 925

Before I met George, I was still using film to take pictures; however, as I evolved inside and out, I joined the digital revolution! After returning to Los Angeles and getting married at the location of our first date, we started a blog called “We Said Go Travel” to share our journeys. Armed with an HD flip video camera, we began shooting video and opened a YouTube channel under the “We Said Go Travel” name.

We worked in America for three years saving money and planning our next sabbatical. On July 1, 2012, we left with a laptop, camera and flip video camera with the idea to publish our memoir, “Traveling in Sin,” based on our first extended adventure abroad when we became engaged and later married; we also used our electronic tools to substantially grow our website and online presence.

Lisa Nirva Nokia Lumia 925

When the opportunity arose to trial the Nokia Lumia 925, we jumped at the chance to have access to such a powerful publishing tool! With our Nokia Lumia 925 in hand, we suddenly began shooting phenomenal video, and colourful yet sharp still photos from everywhere we went on a daily basis. The powerful camera was far superior to what we were using and the Internet access and applications that were available opened up a new world with this innovative device.

I instantly became enthralled with One Note and used it everywhere; rather than taking notes on scraps of paper and napkins that get lost, wet, or run out of space, the One Note application is a big improvement. I quickly learned to add photos into the notes that enabled me to capture and describe where I was on the globe. Using social media, I was able to instantly share photos on Twitter and Facebook with the Lumia 925 where before I had to load the photos from the camera to the computer and wait for WiFi to make it all happen.

We also love to use the Lumia 925 as a hub to share internet with our other devices, allowing us to work on WordPress for our website, upload videos to our YouTube channel, and follow up on emails from travel writers around the world who participate in our travel writing contests and global events that were recently held in Malaysia, the Philippines, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and held an on-line webinar from Panama with the University of Pennsylvania.

Responses to the Nokia Lumia 925 have been remarkable. Everywhere we go, people are eager to try out the phone and have been impressed with its high video and camera quality. As soon as the Lumia 925 arrived to Manila, we began to take high-resolution photos of the phenomenal Hotel H20 where the inner walls are literally glass to encase aquatic life that swim from room to room. Then we took sharp and stunning video in the Oceanarium where baby sharks moved in their egg cases.

From a boat trip around the Rock Islands of Palau, to a stunning sunset performance of World Hoop Day on Waikiki beach to the Independence day festival of Panama, we are enjoying recording and sharing our journey with the fantastic Nokia Lumia 925.

About the Author; Lisa Niver Rajna, M.A. Education. is a passionate writer, educator, social media ninja, speaker and global citizen who has traveled to over one hundred countries and six continents. She is the co-author of Traveling in Sin. You might find her underwater, traveling to an exotic location, teaching in the classroom or in print about social media, science education, lifelong learning, books, and travel. Traveling in Sin, We Said Go Travel.