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November 20, 2013

The incredible numbers behind Nokia Support Discussions

Type “Nokia websites” into Bing and the search engine will present you with nearly 4 million results.

But if there’s only one site (other than Nokia Conversations of course) which you should bookmark, it’s Nokia Support Discussions. This incredible online community went live on the 2nd November 2005 with Juha-Matti Heikkinen, known as“Vandelay” at the helm. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and helped literally millions of people get the most out of their Nokia devices. Also the favourite hang out of our resident Nokia Care guru, Wayne Spillett who joined in 2007, the community recently had a birthday. What better time then to share some of the sites most astounding stats.

Nokia Support Discussions turned 8 years old this month.


The longest running community, English, has over 1.1 million posts in over 230,000 threads.

Nokia support discussions 2

In total there are eleven different language Discussion communities, with two more joining next year.


Together the communities have over 600,000 registered members so far.

Nokia Support Discussions.

Every day, our Discussions communities get a total of over 400,000 page views.


Incredibly, since launch, there’s been 1.7 billion page views.


30% of NSD visitors use their mobile device to access the community.


There have been 213,000 posts so far in 2013.


On an average day there are 77 000 unique visitors and 940 brand new posts.


As these figures so clearly show, the amount of expertise, advice, tips and tricks all in one place is truly astonishing. If you want to get the most from your Nokia we suggest you head on over there now. And if you’re already one of the 600 000 registered members, we’d love to hear what you love best about the world’s greatest mobile tech support communities.

Image credits: Will Clayton + Kirsty Hall + Claudio Matsuoka + James Cridland + Andy Maguire

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