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November 21, 2013

WhatsApp now available for Asha 501

Offering an affordable and fast way to chat to friends and family around the world, messaging services like WhatsApp have become more popular than texting, and the app is now available for the Nokia Asha 501.


People can download WhatsApp for the Nokia Asha 501 for free, following the over-the-air software update that will start to roll out this week. WhatsApp lets you message friends using your 2G or Wi-Fi connection, so you don’t pay SMS fees and keep costs as low as possible.

After you download WhatsApp and log in for the first time using your Nokia Asha 501, your phone will automatically find and add contacts who are already using the messaging service.

Just as easy as text messaging

And once you’ve logged in, messaging with WhatsApp is every bit as simple as sending a regular text message – just pick the person you want to chat to, type your message, and hit ‘send’.


It’s easy to add emoticons to your messages, spicing things up a bit, and you can add photographs and video files. Or, you can easily record and send voice messages.

Message notifications

With message notifications appearing on your Nokia Asha 501 when somebody gets in touch, using WhatsApp really does feel like using any other feature that was pre-installed on the phone, rather than a third-party app. You’ll also be able to see WhatsApp activity via Fastlane, the second home screen that acts as a shortcut to favourite apps and content, and features on all Asha Platform devices.

WhatsApp is now available for the Nokia Asha 501 and will come pre-installed on the Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 Dual SIM when those phones start selling later this year.

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