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November 29, 2013

12 ways to enjoy Nokia MixRadio more

Last week, we launched Nokia MixRadio, a free music streaming service that learns from your listening habits.

Available in 31 countries around the world, it gives you a wonderfully personalized radio station at the touch of a button. Needless to say with such a versatile service, there are countless ways to enjoy it. However, if you’re in need of some inspiration today’s your lucky day because Entertainment Product Marketing Manager, Brooke Smith, has shared some of her top listening tips. So grab your Lumia, crank up the volume and prepare to get grooving.

1.  Let your music inspire your meal. Make pizza to Pavarotti. Put on Edith Piaf as you prepare a French chocolate cake.


2. Time warp your afternoon. Spend Sunday evening in the 50s. Re-imagine your morning in 1967 by starting your day with The Doors. Dress to theme if the music so inspires you.

3. Time your next tedious task to the beat of sweet, soul lifting music. Challenge yourself to do the task for 3 songs. Give yourself a break, then return. With good music moving you, you’ll be motivated to finish and enjoy yourself in the process.

4. Never wake up in a bad mood.



5.  Satisfy the group. Entertaining your Grandparents and younger cousin in one evening? They may have generations between them but by creating a ‘ Rod Stewart, Lorde and Al Green Mix’ everyone is sure to be happy.

6. Pay homage to the city you’re in. Listen to Biggie in Brooklyn or Seu Jorge in Rio de Janiero. On your next trip, let the music of the city inform some of your experience and give context to the sights around you.

7.  Take it all offline. Never commute in silence. Let your music score your next train ride to work or long  drive home.



8.  Discover new music on your way. Keeping tip #7 in mind, you can use your Play Me mix to discover new music you’ll love. Free time spent getting from point A to B might as well be spent opening your ears to something new.

9. Practice new dance moves in the mirror. No one’s watching, go for it. Dance Charts mixes recommended.

10.  Get ridiculous. MixRadio introduced me to What Does The Fox Say? I’ve since joined the +245 million other fans and thank MixRadio for continuing to convince me to be a huge advocate for refusing to take oneself too seriously.

11.    Music makes you smile. Invite more happiness into your day.

12.  Re-gain respect for the MCs you admire. With a premium account, just one swipe to the right reveals lyrics to all of your favorite songs. Just try to keep up with Eminem or Bustah Ryhmes.

Some awesome tips that will doubtlessly have you shaking your booty all day long. But, we’re sure there are even more you’ve come across. If so, we’d love to hear about them down below.