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November 29, 2013

Infographic: How to reclaim your day with Nokia Asha

Did you know that on average, we check our phone 100 times, listen to 15 minutes of music on it, and send an average of 41 text messages every single day?

The weirdest thing is, we probably don’t even realise we’re doing it. To highlight what an intricate part of our lives our smartphones have become, we asked 20-year old Marina from Moscow to take notes on everything she does on her Asha in one day. The results are in the infographic below…check it out to see how you compare!

Ashainfographic.jpg (1229×3686)

Marina is definitely making the most of her Asha. She’s keeping track of what’s happening with Fastlane, Asha’s second home screen, and multitasking to get work done while browsing the Internet. She takes pics, talks and texts as well as socialises with friends on Facebook, all without running down the battery. Her massive music library of 729 songs transforms an otherwise dull journey on the bus, while the Asha’s durable exterior saves the day when she drops her phone. Wow.

So, how does Marina’s day compare with your average? If you find yourself too busy to make notes, don’t despair – it ain’t for nothing that Asha means “hope” in Hindi. Just have a look at Fastlane and see your life beautifully organised on a timeline. Today, past and future, it’s all there, from your latest apps to contacts, photos, social media posts, likes and comments. We at Nokia Conversations have loved Fastlane ever since it was first showcased on the Asha 501, and with the 500, 502 and 503 it’s got even better. What are you waiting for? Reclaim your day with Asha, and tell us all about it in the comments below.

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