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December 3, 2013

Surface Pro 2 Gaming: Project Spark Closed Beta Has Begun!

Project Spark

The Beta for Team Dakota’s Project Spark is here! For all of you that love climbing into a digital sandbox and letting your imagination run wild, Notchophiles I am looking at you, Project Spark is the ultimate playground. Click here to request your invitation to the beta.

Project Spark not only gives you the tools to build worlds and play through your own custom crafted stories and games, it also enables you to engage online with a global community of content creators and players, where you can share, play, and even remix games to create new ideas.

Project spark 2

Project Spark is stunning on the Surface Pro 2, which renders game worlds and levels with amazing detail. When you combine Project Spark with the touch interface of the Surface Pro 2 you are suddenly painting new worlds with the swipe of a finger. You can use touch to create all aspects of the game – use creation tools to terraform the landscape, paint them with paint tools, and interact with the visual programming.

Games can be created or played using touch, mouse and keyboard, or using the Xbox 360 USB controller. The game seamlessly switches between input modes, adapting to whatever method you want to use.

Project Spark 3

If wielding deity-like powers as you create elaborate worlds that you and your friends can explore sounds like something for you then join us for the Project Spark beta. Request your invitation – the team has begun sending out registration keys to game players and creators everywhere!