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December 5, 2013

Share photos faster with on your Lumia

What if sharing your photos was as simple as a quick flick of the wrist? All you need to do is grab the new app for Windows Phone.

What is

You use to quickly and easily share images from your Lumia device to other people using the app – whether that person is right nearby, or half a world away.

When you use, you can choose to send as many images as you want, and you can send them to any other user (nearby or in your network), or to any email on your contacts list in the People hub. The app is available on other mobile platforms and on Windows 8 RT and Pro too, so if you have friends who – for some strange reason – don’t have a Lumia phone, you can still share content with them, too (regardless of operating system or device type).

One of the unique strengths of is also that it is the only solution to share those beautiful high-res images from Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 directly from the phone!  If you have one of these phones, this is your must-have app to show off your killer shots to the rest of the world!

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And since the app is also available for Lumia 2520 (as shown in the gallery above), it will allow you to “fling” your high res or standard pictures easily between your Lumia smartphone and your Lumia 2520. Give it a shot. It’s very cool!

Getting started with


When you first open the app, there is a quick sign-up page, but it is as simple as can be. You just need to provide your name and an email address, so your friends can identify you.

Then, you have the option to turn on both location-based services, and push notifications, if you want.

Within the app settings there is an option to refine the location services with what they call “high accuracy location detection”, which they note may then be a bit slower, but you will see more refined results. You can even set the range of the distance (from 50 feet to approximately a half mile). In this way, you can quickly find out if other users are nearby. This might be handy if you are out at an event where you would be sharing photos with other users.

Flick your images with

When you are ready to send a picture – or a batch of pictures – you will see the photos from your camera roll, and you can select as many as you want (even hi-res versions). Next you pick the people that you want to receive the image(s) – again, one or more from your contacts (this includes people who have the app, or specific assigned email addresses).

Then – and this is the really fun part – you flick your wrist to send the images, just like if you were throwing a real “Frisbee” (get it?). But hold on tight to your Nokia! You certainly don’t want to see it go sailing across the room! The app makes a little buzzing sound as the file is sent away to your chosen contact(s).

If you want to share your images using to your Facebook timeline, have a look at the instructions in their FAQ page.

You can see all of the images that you have sent or received within the “activity” section of the app.

Ready to make new friends?


You will see that has a big button within your profile about privacy – and it is set to “off”. This means you will be seen in “nearby lists” and you can make new connections (find out whom else is using the app near you). If that idea does not appeal to you, change the privacy button to “on” so you will be hidden from other nearby users.

Exclusive to Windows 8

The app for Windows 8 devices adds document sharing, too. In fact, due to limitations of other operating systems, document sharing is only available in the Windows 8/RT version of the app right now. So, for instance, if you were in a group meeting at work, you could just flick that Word doc over to another Windows 8 user – you know, the guy who keeps forgetting to bring his laptop to the meeting. is available now for Windows Phone, Windows 8 RT and Pro.

Have you used Or do you have another image sharing app you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.