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December 6, 2013

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

With Christmas less than three weeks away, here at Nokia Conversations, we’re already getting into the holiday spirit by treating ourselves to some brand spanking new apps.

Question is which out of the loads being released filled us most with festive cheer? It’s always a tough choice, but after much happy downloading we can now share our fabulous five of the week. Start your Lumia’s engines!

Track Runner

What is it? An app to track your running

Why we love it? It’s just one of a whole track-load of running apps, and it’s not even a freebie, but we were still taken with this new addition to the Store: it’s got all the expected features, like lap times, splits, mapping, training diaries, voice notifications and social network sharing, but it’s also stand-alone, so you don’t have to be a member of a larger fitness site. That makes it fairly fuss-free, which is a big bonus. Even better, though, is its marathon-prediction feature (how would you do?) and the fact that it’s designed exclusively for runners, which means the interface is very straightforward and easy to read – plus it fits very nicely with the WP8 design. Fantastic.

Who it’s perfect for: Fitness fans





What is it? A personal finance app (Currently for North American WP 8 users)

Why we love it?   As soon as you start playing around with Mint you’ll see why it’s won a ton of awards.  With a single login, it automatically pulls all your financial information into one single view, enabling you to see the big picture when it comes to your cash. You can use it to see what’s happening with all your accounts and get information both within the app and using real-time updates shown in the app’s Live tile. What’s more, you can set a budget, create a personal financial plan and track your progress. If you’re something of a loose cannon with the cash, this apps is just what you need.

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone who wants to master their money


Today’s Word

What is it? A word-a-day app

Why we love it? Hey, we love words. Big one, weird ones, pulchritudinous ones – eh, see? Today’s Word gives you a new word each day, complete with definition, etymology and pronunciation. Want a preview? Promnesia! Preterist! Grab the app now and get that brain working!

Who it’s perfect for: Word nerds and lit lovers



MoliPlayer Pro

What is it? A video and audio player

Why we love it? The selling-point of MoliPlayer Pro is the sheer amount of file types it supports. It’ll play just about anything you throw at it, including 1080p footage, if your phone can handle that, and when you’re watching the movies, it lets you change the aspect ratio and lock the screen so it can’t be accidentally paused or stopped (handy for parents). Definitely a keeper, and well worth a couple of quid – though there’s a free trial if we haven’t convinced you.

Who it’s perfect for: folk who watch a lot of videos



Reindeer Round-Up

What is it? A seasonal puzzle game

Why we love it? Head all over the world with Santa and help him retrieve his missing gifts before Christmas! As well as its sweet graphics and funky soundtrack, this is a fun one to play; you’ve got to use logic and physics to stack reindeer on top of one another to reach the treasure. There are fifty levels to keep you busy, and man, do they get tricky. Santa’s got his work cut out for him…

Who it’s perfect for: Kids, big and small.


If you ask us, it’s like Christmas come early this week at the Windows Phone Store, but is there anything else you think is worthy of a place on our wishlist? Let us know below.

Image credit: Jerome