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December 6, 2013

Switch to Lumia – My Story

My journey from iPhone to Lumia was effortless. Once a skeptic of anything that wasn’t made by Apple, I have now been changed for the better.

I was an iPhone user for almost five years. I started with a hand-me-down, half-broken 3G and worked my way up to a 4S. It was what all the cool kids and business people in San Francisco had, and I felt part of an exclusive club whenever I looked up from the screen and saw someone else using the same brand.

I had no intention of switching from Apple until I was introduced to a Nokia Lumia. I started a job working with Nokia’s social media team, and along with that came the opportunity to use a new device, a Lumia 925. I was curious about what it had to offer, and weighed the pros and cons for giving up my iPhone altogether.


The main reason I initially wanted an iPhone was to always have my favorite music with me, and the simplicity it offered by combining my music with my phone never made me think twice about owning a different device. However, I am also a photographer by hobby and semi-profession, and the Lumia’s photo quality intrigued me as well as the option to change to something new and completely different.

After a few weeks I was offered my first and only Lumia and figured it was time to move on from my iPhone.

Unboxed excitement

The moment I opened the box of my Lumia 925, I was surprised by a few things. At first, the size of the screen seemed a little big, but the quality of the display was so clear, the touch screen was flawless, and the ease of organizing my phone exactly how I wanted it made things simple to use and navigate.

On top of the aesthetics of it, I found it was also pretty intuitive. I instantly found the camera functions and started snapping photos. My first shots were of the train on my commute home, but the color was vibrant, true to real life, and crystal clear. Having the phone in my hands and actually seeing what it could do stifled any qualms I might’ve had regarding its imaging power. I was blown away by the photo quality and how easy it was to figure out what I wanted it to do while taking some of the best low-light photos I’ve taken with a camera phone.

After a day or so, I had every app in place, every photo tool figured out, and only needed to charge it about every other day. All of my accounts synced effortlessly, from my personal and work emails to daily calendars to social channels.

The more I used it, the more people would ask me about it. My friends would ask the type of phone I was using and were always playing with the camera. “But, it doesn’t have all the same apps, does it?” they’d say.


Initially, I wasn’t sure what Windows Phone could or couldn’t offer me, but I’ve come to find that it has all the apps I need for everyday and then some. The exclusive Nokia apps have even replaced some of the ones I used to use — now using HERE transit in place of Transporter and Nokia MixRadio for music — with all others including Yelp, Chase Mobile, Instagram, and Facebook available in the Windows Phone store. They never crash, are easy to navigate, and are beautifully designed.

Now, I’ve been with my Lumia 925 for almost three months and I’m still in love. My favorite features are Nokia MixRadio for music and podcasts, the camera, and that I can customize my phone to me and what I like or need.


I love my Nokia Lumia 925 because it just works. It is designed with me in mind and I am happy that I made the switch.


Are you planning to switch? Let us know in the comments below.