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December 9, 2013

How to Use Vine on your Lumia

With a PureView camera, stunning display and fast processor, six seconds now looks even better on a Lumia. Haven’t experienced Vine for Windows Phone yet? Here’s how it goes:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, Vine will give you some recommendations for people to follow and to get some video inspiration. Vine users upload anything from beautiful stop motion to quirky comedic videos, and are searchable through hashtags or their search menu.


After you’ve decided what video you want to post, tap the screen video camera icon at the bottom of the app.

There are four icons that let you switch to front-facing camera, show a grid in your camera, set the focus, and see where your last frame was taken to align your shot for seamless videos. Touch the picture below to learn more about Vine.


To start your video, tap and hold on the screen. If you want to stop and reframe to move to another shot, take your finger off the screen and tap and hold when you’re ready to record again. You have six seconds to fill, and can start over by touching the X in the top of the app screen.

Once you’ve finished, click the arrow to see your creation before posting. View your video at the next screen, and if you’re satisfied, click the green checkmark and move on to add a caption and post to your social channels.

Once it’s live, it will be in your feed with your posts as well as the other videos you’ve liked so you can always go back to view them.

So have fun, and get to loopin’ those videos! Make your Lumia proud.