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December 11, 2013

7 Nokia Lumia photography communities you should join today

You only have to take a photo with the Nokia Lumia 1020 to see why we’re such enthusiastic photographers.

Its photos speak for themselves. But it’s not just the world’s best camera smartphone, which takes great shots. If you’ve got any one of the Nokia Lumia family, you’re pretty much sorted for snaps. But where do you go for more information, to share your masterpieces, or to ask for help? As a matter of fact, there’s a host of helpful photo communities out there, each heaving with Nokia Lumia experts and fans. Here’s seven we think you should check out right now.

Nothing but a Nokia

What is it: A Facebook group for Nokia mobile photography maestros

Why we love it: In 2007, writer and mobile-tech aficionado Patrick Hamilton started travelling the globe taking pictures as he went. His mission? To create an interactive journey via his phones’ apps and cameras, and social media. And boy did he succeed. What’s more, he’s got the book to prove it. Fast forward to the present day and his Facebook group has morphed into an amazing place for members, 6000 and counting, to share their pics, all taken on their Nokia smartphones. These ‘phonographers’ share various contributers post shots, including hashtags indicating which phones, apps and settings they’ve used, and there are weekly challengers for group members to tackle with their Nokia cameras. #nban all the way!



The mobile photography blog

What it is: A blog and photo-sharing forum

Why we love it: It’s an old-school messageboard where people share photos taken with mobile devices and other users leave comments. The guys behind it are a small group of friends, obsessed with all things mobile, who yearned for a photo-sharing site dedicated to mobile photography with a particular emphasis on high-definition imagery. It’s got a gallery and a blog (as the name might suggest) that features the best of the work submitted to the forum, and the main site also has sub-forums devoted to photo apps, mobile news, photographic techniques, photography chat and miscellaneous conversations. A mine of excellent information and advice, and a proper community of like-minded folk.



Nokia Lumia 1020

What it is: A Flickr group for Lumia 1020 users and their photographs

Why we love it: It’s simple – images and videos taken with the Lumia 1020 are uploaded for viewing and comments. For viewers, it’s beautiful – the pictures are awesome and it’s shocking, even to us, that these were all taken with a smartphone. For photographers, it’s a great showcase and easy to use, and you’ll be in good company – the stats show that as of this month, the Lumia 1020 is the most popular Nokia camera on Flickr. With shots like these, it might soon be the most popular smartphone camera on there, period.



Nokia Lumia 920 Gallery

What it is: A Flickr group for Nokia Lumia 920 users

Why we love it: Well, see above – like the 1020 platform, the Flickr group for the Lumia 920 has got stunning images and an excellent viewing interface, and it offers an accessible and easy way of getting feedback about your work from the public. You can check out the photostreams of the group’s top contributors for even more visual treats, and you can click on ‘map’ to see where the Lumia 920s have been snapping away.


Lumia Lens

What it is: A subreddit for Nokia Lumia photos

Why we love it: Reddit quite rightly,  in our opinion, bills itself as the front page of the internet. One of the world’s top social news sites, Redditors submit content that they find interesting and other users vote them up or down the ranks. Once you go beyond its own front page you’ll find literally thousands of fascinating subreddits, the name given to particular areas of interest. In the case of r/LumiaLens, users post their Lumia-created photographs for other Redditors to enjoy. We love the democratic nature of it and the discussion the photos prompt. The rankings are user-generated and anyone can take part, after a simple sign up. Plus it’s a quick way of seeing just exactly how amazing Nokia Lumia cameras are.



The PureView Club

What it is: A website dedicated to PureView technology

Why we love it: It showcases the brilliance that is PureView, that’s why. It collates news and background info on PureView devices and all the pictures and films on the site are PureView babies. As well as blog entries with featured images and videos, it’s got a really informative forum that will help you with your technical and photographic skills. Whilst the founders are from The Netherlands, the site’s international and run through English. They’ve also got an associated Flickr group that showcases images taken with Nokia smartphones that use PureView technology; for the uninitiated, that means the Noka 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928 and 1020. Phew!



Instagram #Lumia1020

What it is: An Instagram tag that pulls up all photos tagged as taken with a Lumia 1020

Why we love it: Ah, Instagram: the hipster’s photosharing tool of choice! Instagram, a tool for treating and sharing pictures, has been on-trend for years now, and with pages like this one to advertise its results, it’s no surprise it’s popular. The genius of Instagram is the ease with which you can apply filters to your image to create the faded/vibrant/golden/monochromatic/saturated memories of your choice which you then share with your friends and followers at the click of a button. Thanks to tagging, we can see what’s been taken by a bunch of Lumia 1020 users – and the results, we’ve got to say, are staggering. While more a collective than a community, it’s well worth a dive in. And if you haven’t got a Lumia 1020, there are plenty of other Lumia hashtags to choose from.


Needless to say we’re massive fans of them all, but which of these super seven get you snapping away with happiness? Let us know in the comments below.