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December 11, 2013

Nokia Lumia Vine Challenge: the winner!

We’ve really enjoyed watching all of your #NokiaLumiaChallenge entries, and believe us when we say that there were a lot!

To recap on the competitions brief, we wanted you to get creative using stop motion to showcase your ability at suspending reality for 6 seconds using Vine. It could have been anything, from a cat flying to the local supermarket to the best pool trick shot you’ve ever accomplished. If you could make it, we wanted to see it.

And with your name in the basket, what could you win? The Nokia Lumia 1020 with its gargantuan 41-mega-pixel camera and buckets full of zoom to take those picturesque long distance shots.

So, without further ado, congratulations to……………………(drum roll)

Dhaval Damar (@DNDamar) with his Nokia timeline entry (below), depicting all of the Nokia handsets from 1982 to 2013.

This wasn’t Dhaval’s only entry though, he had his thinking cap on for quite a few weeks, and here are more of his creative entries, from a Lumia sketching session to the future of printing.

and there’s more!!!

Once again, congratulations to Dhaval and thank you to everyone who entered and got involved.

Do you agree with our decision? What was your favourite entry?

To Dhaval – please email me to arrange your prize!