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December 12, 2013

Around the world in 80 Lumias: Denmark

Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark’s most renowned writer, said in his autobiography The Fairy Tale of My Life “To travel is to live.”

This is a sentiment we share wholeheartedly here at Nokia Conversations. It’s one reason why we’ve launched Around the world in 80 Lumias. The other reason is to celebrate our world through the amazing skill of Nokia Lumia photographers.

Last week we got a glorious taste of France from Olivier Wong-Man-Kan’s Nokia Lumia 920. This week it’s the turn of Morten Nordstrøm and his Nokia Lumia 925, to showcase our Nordic neighbour to the west, beautiful Denmark. Before we take a look at his stunning pictures, we asked him a couple of questions about his passion.

Aroundtheworldin80LumiasSo, Morten, how did you get into photography?

I’ve had a big interest in photography for several years, but I didn’t become serious about it until Summer ’12. I joined Instagram at this time and that was when I began feeling inspired, by looking at all the beautiful and creative pictures that are out there. So I started focusing on my own photos in another way and became more reflective about what I liked, and what I didn’t. With the aim of taking as beautiful pictures as I saw on Instagram and the web in general I was motivated for learning. And here I am now 🙂

And what do you like best about your Nokia Lumia 925?

Tough question! Is it boring if I say that I like it all? I can narrow it down to three things. I especially like the sleek design, the smooth way the system runs and of course the camera. The camera let’s me explore my surroundings in a – for mobiles – very high quality, which helps keeping me motivated for exploring new stuff through my lens. It moreover makes me want to test the camera to its max and see what I can do with it. I like to keep things simple and with my Lumia 925 on the go, I am always prepared to snapping the next unique beauty. I like that.

Where in Denmark do you like to shoot photos most and why?

Since I live in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, this is where most of my shots are taken and I see it as my home court. I love to shoot here for many reasons. I love the wide variety in the architectural surroundings and the fascinating soul and charm this city has. Depending on season, we also have beautiful sunsets, misty morning, crystal clear and cold winter days and much more, which obviously suits a photographer well. Furthermore, the city has a big variety in very short distances, which means that you can go from central Copenhagen to beaches, harbours and the woods in a very short time you won’t find many other places. So, in other words, it lets you capture it’s life and beauty very well with a camera.


Morten’s photos are breathtaking. Not only by the way they show Copenhagen in totally new light, but by their ingenious use of puddles. In the coming weeks we’ll be talking more to Morten about his “puddlegrams”. In the meantime, be sure to follow him on Instagram and let us know which of his mirrored masterpieces you love best.