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December 17, 2013

10 Instagramers Nokia Lumia lovers should follow

What has a 150 million monthly users and showcases an incredible 55 million photos a day? Yeap, you’ve guessed it (and the headline probably helped) it’s Instagram.

One of the most successful mobile apps in history, it’s now available at the Windows Phone Store, which means us Nokia Lumia lovers finally get to join the party. So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, in case you didn’t know, Instagram is an uber-cool mix of retro chic, with its sepia and super-saturated photo filters, and cutting edge social tech. Seeing as it’s all about sharing, you can use Instagram to share your own pics, or you can find others to follow.  With literally millions of stunning photos out there, it’s a fantastic way to get inspired and learn about the art of mobile photography. The question is who are the people to follow if you’re a Nokia Lumia lover? Well, here are ten of the tip-top best Igers we admire, all of whom are currently rocking the world of Instagram with Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Matt Glastonbury

Who they are: Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Matt’s a social media consultant and adventure-travel and photography specialist who works with tour operators, enabling them to snare their audience via outstanding imagery.

Why you should follow them: His photos are stunning, obviously, but he’s got a special knack for making bodies of water look like artworks; if you’ve got a yen for travel and you like marine life, Matt’s Instagram feed will have you booking your flights to Tasmania before we can say ‘snap.’ He uses a Lumia 1020, too , so check him out of you want to see exactly how fantastic smartphone photography can be.


Stephen Alvarez

Who they are: Stephen Alvarez is an award-winning National Geographic photographer who’s been on the international photo-trail since the mid-1990s. 

Why you should follow them: His particular bag is adventure, archaeology and exploration, so you can be sure the subjects of his work will be thrilling, and, of course, the quality of his images is top-notch. Think everything from Peru and Madagascar to the Parisian sewers! His feed is packed with stunning land- and cityscapes from all over the world – perfect for a spot of vicarious travel and his recent shots in Namibia, taken with a Lumia 1020, will stun you – we guarantee it.


Morten Nordstrøm

Who they are:  is a young Danish photographer who’s working exclusively with the Nokia Lumia 925 – we’re impressed already!

Why you should follow them: His shots are mostly urban scenes from his home city of Copenhagen; he’s got a sharp eye for symmetry and reflections, and there are a few low-angle snaps of bikes in his feed that make us want to don our helmets and get pedaling. (In Copenhagen, of course.) He’s got a clean, monochromatic and sepia-toned aesthetic that’s tasteful and appealing. And, of course, the fact that all these are taken on a Lumia phone is breathtaking.


Sheila Espenorio

Who they are: Sheila, another Nokia fan, is, with her husband, an avid traveller who documents her journeys online with an eye to giving guidance and advice to fellow couples on a budget – and she takes superb photos, to boot.

Why you should follow them: All her shots at the moment are taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020, and while her subjects are diverse (portraits, self-portraits, food photography, nature and her pets), they’re always beautifully filtered and composed – and because her feed is unpredictable, you’ll be nicely surprised at what will pop up. Lovely.


Olivier Wong

Who they are: Olivier Wong, a Nokia Lumia 920 user and photographer par excellence.

Why you should follow them: You haven’t seen Paris until you’ve seen it through Olivier’s lenses; from macro shots of pigeons to panoramic views of the city from atop the Arc de Triomphe, this is a feed to die for. Honestly: his use of colour and his choice of subjects make this most photographed of cities come alive all over again. A huge treat.


Mark Guim

Who they are: Mark Guim is a tech blogger and and video-maker who specializes in mobile devices.

Why you should follow them: His feed is diverse and his comments are witty, but more importantly for our purposes, his work is an excellent showcase of the power of the Lumia 1520’s camera. Mark’s low light shots, in particular, demonstrate the brilliance of the phablet as a photographic device. Plus, bonus, it seems his shoes match his phone, which is always nice.  


Rob Mulally

Who they are: Rob Mulally, an Australian Nokia Lumia fan and photographer. 

Why you should follow them: Rob, again, is a Lumia 920 user, and his Instagram feed is a glorious album of sunsets, sunrises and dusky scenes. Checking out his work, it really genuinely blew our minds that these shots came from a smartphone – he’s got a recent series of splash shots – light refracting through water that couldn’t possibly be bettered.


Zoel Cholid

Who they are: An AV professional and film-maker, Zoel takes photos for fun, but we think he oughta turn pro…  

Why you should follow them: Rocking the awesome power of the Lumia 1020, Zoel’s shots are dazzling – you’ll find seascapes, group portraits, local colour shots and more, all taken in Indonesia, and all looking as tantalizing as anything you’d see in a coffee-table travel-book. He’s particularly good with colour: never has mobile phone photography been so vibrant!



Luke Wassell

Who they are: Luke Wassell, a twenty year-old photographer from Kent, England

Why you should follow them: Another Lumia 1020 user, Luke’s shots are mostly of nature – his work on the mudflats of the Thames estuary is particularly stunning – and he’s a master in both colour and black-and-white, which illustrates the range of the 1020’s capturing and processing power. Worth a follow if you’ve ever thought the UK was lacking in gorgeous landscapes.



Kenneth Nguyen

Who they are: Kenneth Nguyen, a Danish-Vietnamese photographer based in Copenhagen.

Why you should follow them: Kenneth’s one of six journalists involved in Nokia’s Zoom Project’s Christmas Charity Calendar, in which each photographer creates a photo-story on behalf of their chosen charity in the hope of winning that charity a wad of sponsorship money – and all the photos are taken using the mighty Lumia 1020. Kenneth’s backing Lifesavers, a Danish cancer charity, and his images highlighting their cause are beautifully atmospheric portraits; check out his Instagram feed for more moody, sultry examples!


A fantastic selection, I’m sure you’ll agree. If, however, that’s not enough to wet your photographic appetite you can always search #Lumia for more Lumia loving instagramers or even follow my feed where I showcase the joys of a Helsinki winter taken on my trusty Nokia Lumia 920. Alternatively, why not share some of your recomendations of top Igers in the comments below.