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December 17, 2013

How Nokia Lumia photographers can learn and earn with PicHit.Me

Love taking pics with your Nokia Lumia? If so, we have some good news for you.

There’s a new app out, which lets us indulge in our favourite hobby and get some extra earnings at the same time. It’s called PicHit.Me and the latest update has just become available to download, exclusively for Windows Phone. We checked it out and here’s what we discovered.

What is PicHit.Me?

The people behind the app describe PicHit.Me as “a crowd-driven marketplace” where the goods you trade are photos. What happens first is that someone needs a photo, a very specific type of photo. Say, a picture of a cat drinking milk, the Empire State Building by night, a sunrise in Thailand, or someone jaywalking in London. It can be absolutely anything!

Your mission, as part of the worldwide network of PicHit.Me photographers, will be to take that photo and submit it. If your pic gets chosen, you’ll get rewarded. For some missions the reward is a big thank you now and cash later from PicHit.Me Market revenues, for others it’s an immediate payment. Simple, lucrative, and – we can vouch for this – pretty addictive!

Nokia Lumia 920 Xmas tree

Mission possible

Of course, you can request and purchase photos from PicHit.Me yourself, too. Forget endless online searches and settling for cheesy stock photos. Just create a mission in the PicHit.Me Market, choose your reward and wait for people to submit a picture that’s made for your needs. And if you don’t get a perfect match, you can try again. On top of that, you can always see what’s already available at PicHit.Me Market. Finding that perfect image just became a mission possible!

On a mission to make you even more pro!

To inspire the PicHit.Me community even more, the developers have promised to come up with 10 missions based on mobile photography maestro Richard Dorman’s 10 tips for Nokia Lumia 1020 photography, featured here on Nokia Conversations. Some of the best results of these missions will get showcased here, too. So, if you’re on a mission to become another Richard, want to enhance your skills or would love to see your photos shared here with the world, stay tuned! app on nokia lumia 920

Start now to win a Nokia Lumia 1020

To get involved, all you need do is download the app at PicHit.Me, sign up and start snapping away. You can flick through the missions or use various search criteria from popularity to location.

So, where do you begin? We strongly suggest contributing to the 100 000 Lumia Photos mission, in which the winner is awarded the world’s best camera smartphone, Nokia Lumia 1020. The subject of the photo can be anything, as long as you use a Nokia Lumia to take your photo and submit it by December 31st. Who knows if you nail a great shot, you might have a very happy start to the New Year!

When you’ve downloaded the app, let us know how things go. How do you like it? Are you winning big yet? We’re ready and waiting for your comments – and your pics, too!