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December 19, 2013

Customise privacy settings on your Asha

The Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 offer loads of different features to keep you connected on the move, but this makes security more important than ever. Thankfully Nokia has introduced additional security and privacy features for the new Asha range, making it easy to keep your information safe.

The latest additions include a new-look Fastlane, which offers a more personalised experience for your Nokia Asha. Along with being able to select exactly what appears on your homescreen, the latest version of Fastlane also lets you choose the ideal degree of privacy.


You can now remove individual items from the Fastlane feed, for instance; a feature that will prove incredibly popular according to Matti Mikkonen, Software Product Manager at Nokia, following feedback from existing Fastlane users.

To remove an item from Fastlane, all you need to do is tap and hold it, and then select the delete icon at the right-hand side. You can also prevent different features from ever appearing on Fastlane. Open Settings, scroll down to ‘Fastlane’ and tap ‘Choose what you want to see on your Fastlane’.

From here you’ll be able to add or remove messages, social networks, recent webpages and other information that you may want to keep private.


Updated lock screen

The lock screen on Nokia Asha Platform phones also gets a big update when it comes to privacy. Previously with the Asha 501, message and sender details were displayed when new notifications came through. You can now change this in the privacy settings, with the customisable lock screen being standard across the Nokia 500, 502 and 503, and available via a software update for existing Nokia Asha 501s.


Matti explains: “With the Asha 501, all of the content and the name of the sender was displayed. Now you can choose what’s visible.” Simply tap the ‘Notifications’ toggle in Settings if you want messages to be displayed on your lock screen, or if you’d rather stick to a simple icon, depending on how much you value your privacy, and how many people can see your screen.


Something a little more secure

Other security settings for the Nokia Asha range remain the same, but there’s plenty you can do to keep your phone and information safe. A passcode is a great place to start, preventing people from accessing your information in the event of you losing your phone.

To add a passcode, open the Settings, scroll down until you see ‘Phone lock’. Tap it, and select the toggle called ‘Security code’. You can then create a security code for your phone.

It’s also easy to change time-out settings, so you don’t necessarily need to add the code every time you use the phone. While in the ‘Phone lock’ page, you can change the settings to ask for a code after: Immediately, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.



Change your browser settings

You can also change the web browser settings on your Nokia Asha, saving passwords for websites if you’re not worried about security and want a quick login, or turning off the option for additional safety.

Simply tap Settings, scroll down to the ‘Apps’ section, and then select ‘Browser’. There’s a toggle underneath ‘Privacy’, letting you choose whether to save passwords or not.

The same goes for cookies, with the option to accept or refuse cookies, keeping track of your internet footprints, a mere toggle away.

You can tap ‘Clear data’ if you decide to stop saving passwords and cookies.

There you have it. The new Asha series is fast, full-featured and just as private as you want it to be.