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December 26, 2013

10 things Reddit loves best about the Nokia Lumia 1520

The interwebz finest on why the biggest Windows Phone ever is worthy of some big, big love.

If you’re one of the countless lucky people who were gifted a Nokia Lumia 1520 for Christmas, you’re probably already enjoying its fantastic features. And you’re certainly not alone. The Lumia 1520 has been one of the most widely praised Nokia Lumias ever. One place that has given it a big upvote is the fantastic social news site Reddit.

Rightly billed as the front page of the Internet, it has thousands of thriving subreddit communities. Happily for us, these include places for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone fans to hang out. Windows Phone, LumiaLovers and Nokia all share news, reviews and much, much more. Recently, Lumia loving Redditors were asked what they loved best about their Nokia Lumia 1520. For those of you lucky enough to own the most beautifully big Windows Phone ever, these responses will elicit a nod of approval. For the rest of us, they’re some very good reasons to treat ourselves in the January sales.



“The best thing about mine so far is the response I get when people see it – they are stunned!”



“It’s a toss-up between battery life and the display. battery life as far as utility is concerned, display for all around user experience.”





“I LOVE my 1520… I have yet to find a disappointment with it. The screen size/definition is stunning, the battery has lasted me for 2 days on a single charge (something no previous smartphone or any of my friends smartphones has EVER done). I play emulated games through vba8, and it never lets me down.



“There are a number of things I love about my 1520. The first would be battery life. I drove from Salt Lake City to Calgary, and played music on my phone the whole time. (synced with the car stereo via BT) when I arrived in Calgary the battery was at 6%.”




The camera on this thing is FLAWLESS as well, I don’t take a lot of pictures but when I do I always get comments on how sharp and vibrant they are, and most people ask what CAMERA I’m using rather than what phone I took it with. “



“I’ve had mine for about a week now. It’s my first ever smartphone, though I have played around with a Lumia 920 before. I love this thing! It’s huge, but doesn’t feel like a burden. Every day I find a new cool thing it can do, or a cool app for it.”



“How good it looks on the outside. How amazing the battery life is. The screen, its mind blowing how vivid and nice it is. Its thin and fits in any place I can think of storing it. It’s very fast and a high quality phone with an amazing OS. I can’t recommend it enough and I used an iPhone 5 before that.”



Its hard to pick just one, but I love the screen size, I can fit all the tiles I need right on the front screen. other things I love: the phone is fast, really fast. It came with a $20 gift card to the Microsoft store, who doesn’t love free apps, and Nokia support is the bomb as it did not come right away but they fixed it, Now that is how customer support is supposed to go!!! It comes with office.



I love the landscape. It feels right for WP8. Everybody that sees it, the Nokia apps, the camera, and the different looking UI love it. Literally, everybody that’s sees it is interested in it. I have changed many nonbelievers minds on the OS and they all want to switch as soon as possible. Besides my Surface Pro, it’s my best tech product I’ve ever purchased.


…battery is amazing, screen is gorgeous, very fast and great for playing games, takes fantastic pictures, very loud speaker (which I love), great call quality on both ends, texting is much better, faster WiFi, better LTE, and very light for its size. Overall, great phone. Even people who aren’t fans of windows phones like the 1520. I say its a great buy


We think these words of wisdom say it all, but what about you? Has Reddit once again shown why it’s the most clued up community on the Web or are there even more reasons why the Nokia Lumia 1520 is worthy of big love. As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.