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January 9, 2014

Keeping kids entertained with the Nokia Lumia 2520

While the Nokia Lumia 2520 is ideal for checking emails, updating Twitter or Facebook, and using Microsoft Office RT for creating documents for us adults, it’s also a great device for keeping the kids occupied on long car journeys.

As any parent will know, kids need constant stimulation and they also regularly demand to play with the gadgets that they see us use day in, day out.

Sometimes it’s easier to distract our kids, but sometimes it’s just impossible – such as when they’re strapped into the backseat of your car on a long ride. With the Nokia Lumia 2520, you can load it up with apps, such as the following, hand it over and keep your little one(s) entertained for as along as you need.

Dragons Adventure


Combing the real and virtual worlds using HERE platform, DreamWorks and Nokia created Dragons Adventure with children in mind.

Based on the How to Train Your Dragon movies, your child can immerse itself into a world of adventure that looks like it’s come straight from the dark ages.

As you begin your long drive, your child can begin a ‘Car Quest’. Add your destination into the game and as you drive along your route, that exact same route is displayed on Dragons Adventure – albeit a more medieval looking one.

Your car is transformed into an ox-drawn cart. When you turn left, so will the character in the game. When you hit traffic and slow down, the road within the game will become bumpy and even when it starts to rain in the real world, the clouds open up in the game, too.

The aim of the game is to collect treasure, sheep, fish and even cabbages with your sidekick – a dragon – who flies around the map at your child’s command.

If there are two of you in the front, the person in the passenger seat can download the Dragons Adventure companion app onto their Nokia Lumia smartphone to play along with the child to launch surprise dragon attacks and give special items to help them on their quest.

Fresh Paint


Painting is a great way to pass the time and this app means your kids can have all their colourful fun on the move.

With Fresh Paint, your child can be as creative as he or she wants, drawing to their heart’s content on a blank digital canvas.

Alternatively, they can colour in any of the supplied templates or buy more ‘activity packs’ if they exhaust all of those.

The painting techniques are uniquely realistic, as are the canvases that are rough and bumpy. Colours blend nicely with others, as if you were using real paint.

There’s lots to see out of the car windows on a drive, so plenty of inspiration for the kids.



If gaming and painting failed to hit the attention spot, then maybe watching a movie or TV show might.

Take advantage of Netflix’s profiles and create one for your child(ren). Doing this will allow you to control precisely what types of movies they have access to, to ensure they’re watching age-appropriate material.

Netflix is a streaming service, which means this might only be an option if you’ve got a big data plan, or if you only plan on making a small trip. We’d advise you to keep tabs of your data plan whenever possible.

With Netflix’s vast collection of TV shows and movies, your child will doubtless find something to keep them entertained.

Games galore on the Windows Store

With a bevy of games to download, your Nokia Lumia 2520 can become a gaming machine for your little ones.


Cut the Rope, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars, Temple Run: Brave, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, and Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures are just a few to try.

Do you think any of these will keep your kids occupied for a while? Do let us know, or suggest any others, in the comments section below.