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January 10, 2014

New Year: new Lumia games

2014 already looks like an exciting year for Nokia Lumia fans, and there are a load of new Lumia games that promise to keep you entertained on the go. We’ve been putting six of them through their paces, and they’re all worthy downloads for your Nokia.

Temple Run 2


The original Temple Run was one of the most popular Windows Phone games ever. Its successor offers a lot of the same attributes; fast paced, easy to get to grips with and, above all, incredibly addictive.

The controls and idea behind the game remain the same – escaping temple monsters by swiping and tilting your Lumia around temple paths. But now, the routes have changed completely, with demanding gradients introduced, zip wires to descend and obstacles to overcome. The result is every bit as good as we hoped, and it’s a game you’ll still be playing well into 2014

Asphalt 8: Airborne


The Asphalt series has long set the pace for mobile racing games. Asphalt 8: Airborne, the latest, continues the trend, showcasing incredible graphics and fast, addictive gameplay.

Drive, drift and jump your way around stunning new environments  in the latest supercars, including the Ferrari FXX and Lamborghini Veneno. For petrol-heads,  Asphalt 8 is as close to mobile automotive nirvana as you’ll get.

Rabbids Big Bang


Out of all the games here, Rabbids Big Bang is the one we literally couldn’t put down. A short test of the game quickly ate into dinner time. And beyond. We’re still playing it as you read this.

Although similar to Angry Birds – judge your trajectory, tap-to-fire your beast – here you’re presented with different controls and a fresh look. Aim where you want Rabbid to whack his mate with a baseball bat and his sidekick will be fired off into space. It’s so pleasing. Use gravity to get around and employ a range of tricks to accomplish missions and progress. Put simply, we absolutely love it!

Hill Climb Racing


Hill Climb Racing is another game that we adore for its simplicity. All that’s required is to accelerate or brake, picking up coins that can be spent on upgrading your wagon.

However, when the going gets bumpy the game suddenly gets a lot more difficult. Hit the terrain hard in the wrong way and you’ll end up squashing your driver. Fail to pick up fuel cans and you’ll run out of gas. The further you get, the harder it becomes, making Hill Climb Racing all the more addictive.

Zombie Derby


Zombie Derby follows in the footsteps of Hill Climb Racing, but this time you’re driving for your life, escaping the murderous clutches of the undead.

You can add plenty of upgrades to your car – guns, bigger engines, nitro – but its the fuel tank you’ll need to pay particular attention to; run out of juice in the middle of the desert and you’ll be zombie food. Good luck!

Rail Rush


If you love Temple Run, you’ll  appreciate Rail Rush – a super-fast and great-looking game that also offers frantic and addictive gameplay. This time you’re on an abandoned goldmine railroad, jumping between disused track, ducking, swerving and jumping over different obstacles.

New levels and new environments help to keep the game fresh and exciting, and it’s always a pleasure to play.

Do you have a favourite new game for your Lumia? Let us know in the comments below