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January 13, 2014

Back to Black – app download links

Last week’s rollout of the Nokia Lumia Black update has excited many Nokia Lumia users around the world. With Black, your device is able to do much more.


Once you’ve installed Nokia Lumia Black, some of the new features will be available to use right away. These include Nokia Glance screen 2.0, Bluetooth LE, the latest generation imaging algorithms, driving mode, customised ringtones, and the ability to close apps from within the multitasking view.

Some of the other features, or apps, will need to be downloaded from Windows Phone Store.

For your downloading pleasure, here are some details about each app and a QR code of each that you can scan with your Nokia Lumia to download.

App Folder

App Folder QR code

This is probably the most talked about app to have come from the Nokia Lumia Black update.

With App Folder, you can de-clutter your Start screen by gathering lots of apps into different folders.

The folders themselves can be renamed and placed anywhere on your Start screen giving you an easy access into what’s important to you.

Imagine creating a ‘Photography’ folder filled with all your photo apps, or a ‘Social’ folder containing LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook… The possibilities are endless.

Nokia Refocus

Nokia Refocus QR code

Now available for all Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones (with 1GB+ of RAM), you can take a photo and adjust the focus – post-shot.

By taking between two and eight photos at a time, Nokia Refocus captures the scene in every possible focus.

Not only does this mean that you don’t need to spend time focusing on something before taking the shot, but it also enables you to tell many different stories with the one shot – over and over again.

Any image you take with Nokia Refocus can be shared via Facebook where your friends can alter the focus from within your news feed!

Nokia Beamer

Nokia Beamer QR code

Share photos, documents, your location using HERE, anything you like, with Nokia Beamer.

The basic rule to remember here is that if you can see it on your Lumia’s display, you can share it to any HTML5-enabled screen.

Once connected, sharing can be performed automatically; as you navigate on your phone the shared screen changes in real-time. Or, you can manually share each screen by giving the phone a little shake.

This could be really useful when sharing holiday snaps with your family, or a presentation to a room of colleagues.

Nokia Storyteller (Beta)

Nokia Storyteller Beta QR code

We all take photos with our smartphones, but more often than not we forget about them and the story behind them.

Nokia Storyteller arranges all of your photos for you by date and location.

This means that the next time you browse through your photos, you’ll know exactly when and where you captured that moment. The ‘where’ component is powered by HERE – zooming out of a photo brings the familiar HERE map into view with your photo positioned in the correct place.

Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera QR code

Nokia Camera is a marriage of the hugely popular Nokia Pro Camera and Nokia Smart Camera.

Rather than having two separate apps to take all your photos, just use this one – Nokia Camera.

Take manual control over the camera settings to change the ISO levels, shutter speed and the focus.

Alternatively, use one of the many features to remove unwanted moving objects, change faces, create action shots and add motion focus.

There you have it, all of the apps that are now available after you’ve downloaded Nokia Lumia Black.

Which is your favourite? Tell us, below.