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January 14, 2014

6 beautifully abstract Action Shots

Tearing up the pages of the rule book can sometimes lead to extraordinary things. This certainly rings true when it comes to Konrad Lovrenčić and his Nokia Lumia 925.

Konrad is a Croatian musician and avid phone photography fan, who was touring with his band when he ignored his Lumia 925’s instruction to ‘hold the phone steady’ when taking Nokia Smart Cam action shots – and the results speak for themselves.

His stunning work – which he says is inspired by “all the travellers and people who don’t do things by the book” – reveal a unique insight into his life on the road and show the power of thinking outside the box.

To capture this impressive image, he used Lumia’s action shot to add layers to the image – admitting he did the “opposite” to what the phone asked because he likes doing things wrong.

Nokia Lumia 925 Konrad Lovrenčić

Here’s another great shot taken using LazyLens which beautifully captures the Croatian landscape basking in the beauty of autumn. Konrad experimented with tools Lomogram and Creative Studio to give his snaps a vintage vibe – a theme which continues throughout his work.

Vintage (LazyLens 20131206 040746 HD)

Konrad knows how to capture the beauty in simplicity. This calming image shows a village scene illuminated only by the last of the setting sun.

It’s all the more atmospheric with the mottled effect in the sky, which makes his image look aged –  like it was rescued from the depths of an old family photo album.

Old Photo (LazyLens 20131208 030411 HD)

To some, this scene may be little more than a field on a grey day. But with a little help from his Lumia and Lomogram, Konrad has created an impressive textured image which leaves us gazing into the distance and questioning what’s out there.

ASCIICreated with Nokia Camera

And last but definitely not least, our photographer’s unique technique has created a mesmerising autumn scene. By moving his camera as he took the shot, he shows us a clearing in the trees which looks strangely fierce yet inviting.

Mystical (LazyLens 20131206 041325 HD)

What do you think about Konrad’s experimental photographs, have they convinced you to throw the rulebook out of the window and try different things yourself? We love to share your work over on Twitter and Instagram so fire anything a bit ‘out there’ our way.