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January 14, 2014

Organising your Lumia Start screen, with App Folder

The Lumia Black update has started rolling out to Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8 adding a wealth of improvements, apps and features. One such feature is App Folder.


What is App Folder?

App Folder was created by Nokia to bring your Lumia even more personalisation, and enables you to group apps and settings together into a folder. That folder can then be pinned to your Lumia Start screen as a tile, or accessed via the apps list.

You can name your App Folders however you like, with the obvious choices like Photography, or Social Life. It’s a one-click gateway into all that’s important to you.

Being able to add phone settings to folders makes everyday functions easier, too. For instance, if you travel a lot and want to access flight mode, mobile network, Bluetooth and WiFi settings, you can put all of those into a folder on your Start screen.

Put simply, it’s a great way of keeping your content organised and your Lumia even more personal to you, with each folder displaying mini icons of the apps contained within to make it easy to find your apps at a glance.

Folders galore

App Folder doesn’t limit you to making just one folder, but many, where you can store as many apps as you like.

How to use App Folder

  • Download App Folder from Windows Phone Store (after you’ve installed Nokia Lumia Black),
  • Once installed, you’ll find App Folder within the applications list on your Lumia.
  • Creating a new folder couldn’t be simpler – tap on the plus icon (+). Name the folder appropriately, use the tick boxes to select the required apps or settings from the next screen and confirm by pressing the tick icon at the bottom.
  • The order in which the apps or settings are displayed within their folders can be changed. Pressing on the ‘ordering’ icon to the right of the apps will allow you to freely move the apps or settings up and down the list to suit your preference.
  • Finally, with a newly created App Folder full of apps, pin it to your Start screen by tapping on the pin icon.

It’s as simple as that!

How will you use App Folder? Let us know, below.