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January 15, 2014

13 must-read quotes about the Nokia Lumia 1320

We’re casting jealous eyes towards the east here at Nokia Conversations, because the sales launch of the fabulously good-value Nokia Lumia 1320 has recently kicked off in several countries across Asia.

To add salt to our wounds, we took at look at the response this budget-friendly big-screen smartphone has garnered on the Web. Called “sweetheart of a deal” by CNET and “pretty hot” by Windows Phone Central, it seems like a stellar choice for those of us too impatient to save up for a Nokia Lumia 1520. To see for yourself, check out what some of internet’s top tech blogs have to say about this big-screened beauty.

“The good part is that unlike many, Nokia does not seem to have compromised on either the design or the features of the Nokia Lumia 1320 despite what we feel is great pricing for such a product.”

BGR India

“Creating a capable yet affordable smartphone that comes bearing a vibrant 6-inch screen is no mean feat. Nokia has certainly pulled it off in the Lumia 1320.”


“The 1320 features some respectable specs that will appeal to wide range of users, such as a 720p ClearBlack panel, LTE and an impressive 3,400mAh battery.”



“The display is a lower resolution with only a 245 PPI measurement, but with the high quality IPS and ClearBlack technology, we’re not complaining. It looks real good, even on par with the Lumia 920.”

Windows Phone Central


“Multi-tasking is better than ever. We love the way you’re now able to close individual apps, or the lot at once if the urge takes you.”


“The most interesting part of this Lumia 1320 is the fact that you get three columns of Live Tiles on the Start Screen. While the Lumia 1520 at 1080p resolution includes this also, it’s clear that the arrangement is not resolution dependent and it’s related to the size of the screen.”

 The Verge

“While it’s true that the Lumia 1320 is a large handset – that 6-inch display is gargantuan to behold – it doesn’t feel particularly bulky or cumbersome in the hand. The rounded edges and slim profile are delightful and the rubbery plastic exterior is pleasant to the touch.”

The Next Web

“Saying that the Lumia 1320 is the lesser of the new smartphone duo is a bit of a misnomer, as there’s really nothing small about a handset of such size.”

GSM Arena

We are pretty confident that the 1320 will find wide appeal to those that want to have a solid media consumption device, but do not want to pay premium prices.”



Launching and running applications left us with no concerns about power shortage, with the dual-core CPU skipping through all tasks with ease.”


“Windows Phone 8′s familiar UI looks just as good on the 720p display as on the 1080p one of the 1520.”


“Windows Phone flows as nicely as we’d hope it would on a new handset. Especially one running Lumia Black, the new update which brings a range of performance improvements to Microsoft’s OS.”


“Battery life is one of the Lumia 1320’s strong points, as it has a large 3400 mAh battery built in. Even big batteries don’t always go far on phablets, but the relatively low power of the Lumia 1320 ensures it lasts the day with ease.”


Well, the quotes speak for themselves, but what about you lucky ones who already own the Nokia Lumia 1320? What are your first impressions and do you agree with the internet’s tech community? Or would you rather spend a bit more and up the specs? I’m intrigued to hear what you have to say, so please jot down your thoughts in the comments section.