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January 16, 2014

Early warning – setting up custom ringtones

Last week we announced the rollout of the Nokia Lumia Black update. Many of the new features are about beefing up your phone’s imaging capabilities.

But not all of them. One new feature is the ability to give contacts personalised ringtones. It’s something that readers have brought up as a feature request in the past, so we hope this addition has made some of you very happy.

So why would you want to personalise your contacts’ ringtones? The answer is that it gives you an early-warning system.

Even before you take your phone out of your pocket, you’ve got an idea who is calling. Maybe you give a different ringtone to work and family contacts. Maybe you personalise the people you always have to answer to. Or perhaps you just do it to have a little fun.

How to do it


It’s a very, very simple process. Go to a person’s details in the People Hub. Click on the pencil icon at the bottom to edit. When the edit screen comes up, you’ll see ‘ringtone’ right under their picture at the top of the screen.


We think you’ll be able to work it out from there!


You don’t have to just use the pre-installed ringtones, of course. Any 30-second music clip with the genre set as ‘ringtone’ will work.


There’s plenty of scope to get creative here. Here are a few of my own suggestions:


  • Boy/girlfriend – I predict a riot by The Kaiser Chiefs
  • The boss – Roar by Katy Perry
  • Your mum – White Noise by Disclosure
  • Best friend – Drinking from the bottle by Calvin Harris or Teenage Kicks (original version by The Undertones, please).


How are you planning to personalise your contacts? Any other ringtone tips?

image credit: Erwss