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January 16, 2014

Find my everything – HERE to the rescue

Find my car is one of the latest additions to HERE Drive, offering navigation, LiveSight and even photographs to help you get back to the last destination you stopped at using HERE Drive.

It’s not just useful for tracking down your car, however, and you can use it for everything from finding your tent at a festival to returning to a picnic spot.


To get started with Find my car, you’ll need to navigate using HERE Drive. Find my car logs the location where you stop moving and finish using navigation, and the next time you tap the Find my car button, it’ll offer directions to get you back there again. Simple.

You’ll see the location of your ‘car’ highlighted on a map, with the distance from your current location, the address and a couple of options: ‘Point me there’ and ‘Walk there’.

Scroll down, and you’ll be presented with several more options: ‘Add and see details’, ‘Share car location’ and ‘Pin to start’. You can take photographs to go alongside location information, along with notes, all of which makes it a lot easier to work your way back again.


Point me there is one of the best bits about find my car though, adding LiveSight into the mix. Check out the world through the eye of your Nokia Lumia’s camera, with simple arrows overlaid on the screen, and a map still on offer as soon as you tilt the phone downwards.

This feature comes in particularly useful if you’re trying to navigate back to a location that’s off the beaten track, using the phone’s compass to point you left or right through fields or trees.

This is where Find my car really excels, with the different features making it perfect in the following scenarios:

Find my hotel

Enjoying a holiday and don’t know the area? Navigate to the hotel using HERE Drive on the first day, and the next time you tap Find my car you’ll be provided with all the necessary information to get you back safe and sound. Tap ‘Walk there’ to open HERE Maps for turn-by-turn directions.

Find my tent

Find my car is perfect for festivals, as you can take photographs of the surrounding tents, along with notes (“toilets on the left, watch out for the hidden guy ropes..”), and the ability to stagger in the dark back to your tent using the LiveSight view and ‘Point me there’.

Find that cheapest shop

If you’re shopping for something in particular, and looking for the cheapest item, it’s well worth setting the first shop as your original HERE Drive destination. You can add the price of the item in Find my car notes, along with a photograph, and if it turns out to be the cheapest outlet, simply tap Find my car to get directions for the quickest route back again.


Find my picnic spot

Surprising your partner with a romantic picnic can be a great way to spend some of the weekend, but once you’ve found an idyllic location, remembering where it is again can be hard work. With simple arrows to direct you, and a screen view that looks like you’re about to take a photograph when in LiveSight ‘Point me there’ mode, your other half need never know you’ve forgotten where you’re going.

Find my friends

If you tend to lose track of friends when you’re on a night out, Find my car could be the ideal solution. When it gets to the end of the night, simply tap the ‘Share car location’ button to send them a text message with your car’s location, and then use HERE Maps to head back there yourself.

find-my-car-6Country walk

It’s easy to find your way home again after a country walk using Find my car, with the ability to go exploring without worrying about getting lost. Or instead of setting your home as the destination, why not have a country pub or restaurant as the last place you navigate to using HERE Drive, helping you to enjoy a satisfying meal the next time you tap Find my car.

Find my car

Of course, there are lots of instances where Find my car is actually useful for doing just that, not least in a carpark. With hundreds, sometimes thousands of parking bays available, it can be a nightmare remembering where you left your car, especially if it’s smaller than those around it.

So stop the navigation once you’ve parked your car, take some photographs of the area of the carpark you’re in, and off you go. The LiveSight ‘Point me there’ view is particularly useful, sending you in the right direction, and you’ll no longer need to worry about where you’ve left your car.