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January 17, 2014

Zoom into 500px

500px is a premiere photography community based around discovering, sharing, buying and selling photographs, and there’s now an app for your Nokia Lumia. It’s the ideal download if you love viewing and searching for new images from around the world.

The first time you use 500px, you’ll be asked to create an account. You can also log in with existing social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you’re brand new to 500px, it makes sense to get to grips with the service on your computer the first time, where you can set up your profile and follow specific types of photography that you’re interested in.


Once you’ve picked from a list of different types of photography, you can follow people – or ‘curators’, whose images will show up on your ‘Flow’ category in 500px, making sure you’re always seeing photographs that are relevant to you. You can also follow your friends, and all of their images will show up in your Flow too.

The 500px Windows Phone app itself features a home page, where you can search for new photographs or check out your profile, along with different features – Flow, Following, Favourites, Popular and Editors’ Choice – when you flick to the right.

Find a photograph that you like, or even love, and you’ll have a few different options. You can check out the stats behind the image: camera and photograph settings, along with tags by the photographer, making it easy to find similar snaps, you can ‘like’ it, or you can add it to your favourites list. Zooming in to see more detail is easy as pinching with two fingers so you can get a better view of things. You can also comment and share via other social networking sites such as Facebook.


A seemingly infinite number of photographs

With such a wide range of categories on offer – from personal favourites to images that other people like the most, there’s a seemingly infinite number of amazing photographs to look at, comment on and share.

One of the features we love about 500px, is that wherever you are in the app, you’ll always have access to the search function at the bottom of the screen, and notifications at the top.

You’ll get notifications when people follow you, or if you’ve already uploaded your own photographs and somebody likes, favourites or comments on it.

As for the search option, type in anything you want, and because people tag their photographs and images are placed into different categories, you’ll find a rich array of content, however unusual or specific your search.


Once you’ve downloaded 500px, you can also set the app to display photographs for your Lumia’s Lock Screen, offering jaw-dropping imagery each time you check your phone. There’s also a great looking Live Tile, bringing equally impressive snaps to your home page.

Aided by some of the best images we’ve seen, 500px is a fantastic app for fans of photography, and the free app is a worthy download for your Nokia Lumia.

Have you been using 500px, and have you uploaded any images taken on your Nokia? We’d love to see them if so.