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January 20, 2014

How to shoot for success with Nokia Instagram

There aren’t many apps that go from zero to a 150 million plus users in three years, but photo sharing community Instagram is one.

Since Instagram Beta launched for Windows Phone 8 last November, tons of you have signed on to see what all the fuss is about. The app has clearly been a big hit. At the time of writing nearly 85 000 Instagram photos has been hashtagged Lumia and the number is growing by thousands every day. Hardly surprising then that as makers of the Nokia Lumia 1020, the world’s greatest camera smartphone, we’ve launched our own Nokia Instagram feed. Our aim is simple: To showcase all the cool things you can do with your Nokia Lumia.

Each month we’ll be sharing inspirational images on a particular theme, and challenging you to show us your best shots. To hit the ground running, this month it’s all about motion and capturing some kick-ass action shots that freeze motion in time. Here’s a peek at the kind of shots you can expect to see on our Instagram page.

Get in on the action

What better way to capture the dunk than with Nokia Smart Cam. Your photos of moving objects are easily transformed into single, dynamic action shots. What’s more, you can then use creative studio to colour pop your shot like this.

Pro tip: – To get the sharpest image, try and keep the moving object parallel to you.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


Go slow for head spinning shots

Set a slow shutter speed and ISO lower than 400 to capture an image like this. A slow shutter speed lets a lot of light into the camera, which means you can keep a low ISO maintaining a clean and un-noisy image. The slow shutter speed will also blur moving objects in the photo, giving a nice contrast with static objects.

Pro tip: – Hold your phone super steady or try using a grip/tripod.

Nokia Instagram 2

Shoot fast and furious

One great way of taking crisp action shots and avoiding motion blur is to use a faster shutter speed.

Pro tip – Try forgoing a flash in lowlight situations, and position yourself cleverly to use the natural or artificial lighting. This can create some really interesting shadows.

Nokia Instagram 1

Hopefully, these photos have inspired you to get clicking. If so, why not dazzle the world with your action packed results by sharing them on Instagram. Who knows, you might even end up as our Nokia Lumia Instgramer of the Week. For more awesome inspiration, and to keep an eye on what’s rockin’ our boat, be sure to follow us today.