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January 21, 2014

Avoid the nasty weather: Apps to help you stay home!

For millions around the world, the recent weather has been atrocious. From floods and weeks of rain in the UK, to abnormally cold weather and snow in the US, it’s a time where many of us would rather not venture out.

Even if the weather is too hot where you live, why not take advantage of  your Nokia Lumia and these stay-at-home apps.


Tesco Groceries

The thought of going shopping in incredibly cold, hot, wet or windy weather (depending where you live in the world) will be a vision of hell for some. Tesco’s smart app takes the stress away, allowing you to browse virtual aisles, fill up your shopping basket, book a delivery slot and wait for the knock at the front door.

If the industrial weather continues, and you’ve found yourself inside for the third consecutive week, use the app’s ‘favourites’ function to order your most-bought goods quicker.


Once you’re all sorted for food and drink, it’s time to think about the little luxuries in life. Such as a big thick blanket to keep you warm, or a fan to keep you cool. From clothes and DVDs to electronics to pretty much anything else, Amazon’s digital catalogue is far-reaching as it is simple to use. Whatever you buy, it’ll be delivered straight to your house.



If you’re looking for a serious bargain, the eBay app is well worth a look. If you can buy it in a shop (and even if you can’t), the chances are you’ll find it on eBay – millions of new and second-hand items are on offer. The app is straightforward to use. It’s also highly addictive…


Thanks to WhatsApp, you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends from around the world without eating into your free texts and phone minutes. Send pictures, instant messages, even videos (we’d recommend using WiFi) via your data connection, easy and instantly.


Domino’s Pizza

While the Tesco’s app makes it easy to do the weekly shop, you’ll still have to make your own dinner when the food arrives. If even that seems too much effort, the Domino’s Pizza app will have hot ‘pie’ delivered straight to your door within a few clicks. Just never order ham and pineapple. That’s just wrong, right?


The screen on your Nokia Lumia – especially the 1020, 1520 and 2520 – is ideal for watching movies, so take full advantage while Mother Nature continues her irritable march. For £5.99 per month, you’ll get access to thousands of movies, TV shows and box sets streamed straight to your Lumia. Perfect until the weather picks up.


Being stuck in the house for days can lead to what is known as ‘same-cooking syndrome’. To combat this affliction, why not get  inspiration from the Tastemade app. Downloadable to your Lumia, it provides instructional cooking videos with tips on how to get the best out of recipes from around the world.


What app can’t you live without when you’re stuck at home? Leave a comment and let us know.