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January 21, 2014

Transfer your iTunes music and playlists to your Surface

I love music. Without realizing it I’ve become a collector of music. I think we all have. Some I first heard when I was young and it’s tied forever to a great memory. Some of it was introduced to me by friends who are talented at finding what everyone else misses. Some of it I discovered over the radio or through one of the myriad online services that now have the power to bring new music into our lives. Some of it I would never admit to listening to in fashionable company (80’s, that’s all I’m giving away) but couldn’t do without. Some of it drives me through workouts at the gym or pushes me on the mountain during snowboarding sessions. However it came to me and however I use it, it’s now part of my soundtrack. I like what I like, and like most people, I’ve built a digital collection that lets me access all of this with a few touches. It’s fantastic.

Surface customers can instantly enjoy their music using Xbox Music through the Music App that comes installed on every Surface – it’s also on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, iOS and Android, and online at so you’ll always have access to your collection. Xbox Music is a brilliant service that allows you to search and listen to individual tracks, discover new music, listen to streaming radio stations, and organize your music (both tracks you own and tracks you stream from the cloud) into playlists for any mood or purpose. You can download individual tracks from the store or stream unlimited music with a Music Pass. I have a Surface in my kitchen connected to a great speaker. Everyone in the house uses it, and having music at our fingertips makes life better.

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We’re often asked how a new Surface customer can use their iTunes music and playlist on their Surface. It’s a great question, as you don’t want to start collecting and organizing from scratch when you buy a new device. Xbox Music makes importing both your music tracks and playlists a simple process – all you’ll really need is a USB storage drive to move them over with. We’ve shot the video below to show how it’s done.

Transferring iTunes music to your Surface

Enjoy your soundtrack on your Surface, and keep finding great music.

Dan Laycock
Senior Manager – Microsoft Surface