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January 22, 2014

Asha App Spotlight: Safe Notes

Last week we looked at Image Hider, an app that lets you encrypt photographs on your Nokia Asha and keep things a little more secure. Safe Notes does something similar, but this time for notes, letting you create reminders and add a password so other people won’t be able to read them.


The first time you run Safe Notes, the default password is set to 12345. It’s possible to change this to something more secure, personal and something you can remember by logging in using 12345, swiping upwards so the Safe Notes menu appears, and tapping ‘Change password’.

A really simple app

The beauty of this app lies in its simplicity – anybody can use it, even if they’re not accustomed to smartphones or new apps. Once you’ve set up a password, you’re ready to create a new note, and it really couldn’t be easier.


The main page of the app lists the notes you’ve already created, with one single button at the bottom of the page – ‘Add New’ – for creating new notes.

You can add a title for the note, and then the main message below. Press ‘OK’ when you’ve finished, and the note shows up in the list.

To delete a note, swipe upwards to get the menu, and press ‘Delete’. Tap and hold the name of the note you want to delete, and then press ‘OK’.


Each time you want to view the list of notes, simply log into Safe Notes and enter the password. Without the password, other people playing with your phone won’t even know the notes exist, making it an ideal app for storing sensitive information.

Safe Notes is available for the Nokia Asha 500, Asha 501, Asha 502 and Asha 503 now.

Have you used Safe Notes or Image Hider on your Asha? Let us know in the comments below.