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January 22, 2014

Beat the cold with weather apps for Nokia Lumia and Asha

With the cold and temperamental weather closing in on us, a decent weather app for your phone can make all the difference. With these apps you can find out when to wrap up warm, when to take your umbrella and the days it’s more likely to stay clear.

Weather Flow

Out of all the weather apps, Weather Flow is my own personal favourite, and the app I use the most on my Lumia 925. I love the look of both the lock screen and the live tile, and the fact a lot of different information can appear on both.

As such, I set my lock screen to display the weather for the day, complete with hourly updates, so I know exactly what to expect. Contrasting nicely, my Live Tile has been set up to provide weather information for the next five days.



AccuWeather is one of the most popular weather apps for Lumia, and it’s easy to see why. The app is crammed with features to help you stay ahead of the weather, including current weather, hourly weather and extended forecasts. It’s also possible to get severe weather alerts – a feature that could come in particularly useful this winter.

Bing Weather

There are some excellent Bing apps available for your Nokia Lumia, and Bing Weather is just one of them. With weather forecasts available for up to 10 days, it’s ideal for keeping an eye on what’s coming up, and you can choose from a variety of different statistics when picking a Live Tile or Lock Screen.


Amazing Weather HD

Providing in-depth forecasts for the days ahead, Amazing Weather HD is a reliable choice for your Nokia Lumia. You’ll have access to information on humidity, the chances of rain, windspeed and temperature, and the app even provides predictions for rainfall amounts.

As with the other apps here, there’s a great choice of information for your Live Tiles and Lock Screen, and you can also check out radar and satellite information.

Metar Weather Map

There’s no need to restrict yourself to keeping tabs on the weather in your own area either. If you have a holiday or business trip coming up, Metar Weather Map for Lumia is the ideal companion app, providing weather information for over 4,000 airports around the world. If your flight is likely to be delayed due to weather conditions, Metar gives you a good chance of finding out a little more in advance.


Weather Wallpaper

It’s great to see so much choice on the weather app front, but sometimes an app that’s as simple and minimalist as possible is more appealing. That’s where Weather Wallpaper comes in, letting you see current and future weather conditions without having to unlock your Lumia. Better yet, you can add your own photographs to go alongside the weather updates, giving you a truly unique forecast.

Weather apps for Nokia Asha

There are also plenty of apps available for Nokia Asha owners too, with some great choices for the Nokia Asha 500, Asha 501, Asha 502 and Asha 503.



Type your location into aWeather, and the app brings up loads of relevant information. It provides the temperature, humidity and precipitation, wind speed and pressure, and it also provides forecasts for the following five days.

The Weather Channel

This app provides everything you’re likely to need in a weather app, from the temperature to likely hood of rain. The Weather Channel also provides a comprehensive 10-day forecast, and you can even check out weather radars, cloud coverage and other weather details on the map.


Another comprehensive app, you can check out today’s temperature and weather conditions, a map of your location, upcoming conditions later on in the evening, and the forecast for the following five days.


Which weather apps do you use, and what features do you like the most?