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January 22, 2014

How Technology Is Changing The Architecture Profession More Than Ever Before

It’s no secret that architecture and technology go hand in hand just take a swipe through an online project database to see a deluge of stunning structures that would be impossible without the professionals ever-expanding suite of software. Whether architects are conceiving everyday homes and offices or the headline-making architecture of blobs and crystals, technology acts as building’s backbones long before (and long after) the first cornerstone is laid. The unrelenting pace of technology is mirrored in architectural practice, as the possibilities that new tech equipment affords means that buildings can be all the more agile and adaptive to their users.

Architizer aims to be the ultimate tool for architects, they bring a focus on technology and how emerging developments improve today’s architecture firm practice. They are evening carving out a new category in the A+ Awards program, Architecture+Technology, conceived to celebrate projects that are the direct result of new innovations. The structures below are all winners from the A+ Awards program in recent years.

Kaap Skil

Jury Winner, Museums

Mecanoo – Kaap Skil: Maritime and Beachcombers Museum, Oudeschild, Netherlands

Retouched by Peter Coe

Jury Winner/Popular Choice Winner, Airports

Rafael Vinoly Architects – Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay

National Tourist Route

Jury Winner/Popular Choice Winner Parks

Reiulf Ramstad Architects at National Tourist Route Trollstigen, Trollstigen, Norway

I am very excited to announce Microsoft Surface’s partnership with Architizer.

We are looking forward to showcasing with Architizer how architects can connect the dots of their practice like never before with mobile technology. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be highlighting four firms of varying sizes that have been putting the Surface as a vital tool in their daily practice to work.

Surface Pro 2’s power and portability have the power to transform an architecture firm’s practice. Surface Pro offers tablet portability and apps + desktop horsepower to support such programs as Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino, Revit, and so much more. What that means is that you can dock the Surface at your desk as well as designing at all levels on the go. Finally, you can take your digital plans directly to the construction site, and collaborate virtually anywhere.

Together, Architizer and Microsoft are bringing the latest architecture and technology to your fingertips.