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January 24, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

We’re barely a month into 2014 and we’re already snowed under in fantastic new apps for our Windows Phones – talk about problems, eh?

If you’ve got the same difficulty and you’re having trouble filtering through the heap of goodies, then step aside: we’re here to answer your call. Here’s our top five from the week that’s been – the best of the new and updated Windows Phone apps since this day last week…

Path Beta

What is it? A social media network

Why we love it: We’re pretty excited about getting stuck into this Facebook alternative: the main difference is that there’s no public profiles and you can only have a limited number of contacts, so it’s free of all (well, many) or Facebook’s privacy concerns – you can make sure you’re only in touch with actual friends and family. You can cross-post to the other social networks, though, which is pretty neat. As it’s a new network, though, we’ll have to see who signs up, because these things are no fun when you’re the only kid at the party. So sign up, you guys!

Who it’s perfect for: social media fans who want a more intimate experience



Nokia Cinemagraph 4.0

What is it? A photography app

Why we love it: This app has always been nifty: it takes a series of pictures and then animates them in a short loop. This version adds a GIF export option which we’re very excited about; you used to be able to share your clips via a URL linked to the Nokia server, but now you’ll effectively have a GIF file that you can post wherever you like. Good stuff, we think!

Who it’s perfect for: Creatives and GIF fans



I Surrender!

What is it? A platform game

Why we love it: It’s really simple – both in terms of what you have to do (get a little block to jump over obstacles) and in its appearance – a simple red and black theme and a little black block with a face. If you crash, it isn’t game over: you keep going but your death counter keeps rising, which will affect your position on the global leaderboard. You can choose to surrender if you’ve had enough, but while it is shockingly difficult (we got stuck on level three of fifteen – oh, the shame!) it’s also really, really compulsive – we can see hours spent trying to conquer this one…

Who it’s perfect for: Gamers who love a challenge



Molome Beta

What is it? A photography app

Why we love it: Take pics, decorate them with stickers, texts, effects like tilt-shift and more, and then share them: there are several other apps on the market that do this sort of thing, yes, but we like to check out the new developments on the scene and Molome seems like a contender. Like Instagram, you’ll get a notification if a friend likes your work, which is nice. It’s a funky little app and probably will be popular with a younger audience, especially because of the sheer number of social media networks you can link up with for sharing.

Who it’s perfect for: Fun-loving, sociably minded photographers



Runtastic Pushups

What is it? An exercise app

Why we love it: Runtastic itself is fantastic – one of the best workout apps available – and they’ve released a new slate of apps each dedicated to a particular exercise: in this case, it’s push-ups. You set yourself a training plan and record your progress –­ so far, so normal – but what we LOVE is that the push-up version logs how many reps you’ve done by getting you to tap the screen with your nose each time! Come on –­ even a dedicated couch potato has got to be intrigued by that!

Who it’s perfect for: workout fiends and newbies


That’s our fantastic five for this week. Think there are others that deserve a mention? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Image credit: Moe